Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Kadala’s and Legendary Stealth Post-Season Nerf

Many people on the forums have mentioned that Kadala and the drop rate for Legendaries have been nerfed in recent days. While the usual “RNG is RNG” people use their simpleton argument, there’s no denying that there has been a wide spread nerf to drops.

I’ve been running T6 for sometime now on my Demon Hunter and have been finding far more blues and even grays than any legendaries. People have stated that they’ve spent roughly 2-5k worth of shards to receive nothing but rares. I still get the periodic useless gear that ends up becoming a Forgotten Soul but on average the nerf definitely seems to have impacted non-seasonal games.

Some people have mentioned that seasons still has reasonable drops, which seems logical. Others who play seasons say that the drops have decreased in seasons too. My guess is that with seasons a few weeks in, Blizzard felt that most people who need to climb the ladder no longer require the gear buff. Instead, I think most of the legendaries now are dropping in Greater Rifts. It’s a pretty big hint too considering that the Greater Rift Keys drop all the time from the normal Rift Guardians.

So the game really hasn’t been all that fun to play at the moment since the drops have decreased. Obviously, Blizzard, as always, wants to focus on end game content, which right now are seasons, ladders and Greater Rifts. But for people who realize that the ladders aspect is just a silly gimmick, I have to wonder what the point of all of this is.

T6 has become the new T1 apparently so if you missed the boat in obtaining all your legendaries during the first week of seasons while enjoying the shared drop rate buff, you pretty much are screwed in non-seasonal mode. Apparently, Blood Shards are equally meaningless as many have stated since Blizzard is attempting to force people to push them into doing Greater Rifts.

Again, in the scheme of things, I have to question the design here. Why have T6 at all when the only real benefit at this stage in the game is picking up the Greater Rift Keys? You can still obtain them on lower difficulties. And with Kadala’s nerf, it makes accumulating these shards completely worthless.

I really dislike it when Blizzard attempts to coerce people into playing a certain style. For someone like myself, I end up feeling soul crushed after wasting time on this. I doubt Blizzard is going to change their stance on the funneling aspect of their game design but it has to stop. You can’t bait and switch players like this continuously. At any rate, I heard seasons is going to finish soon so hopefully for season 2, they’ll re-up the drop rate for both seasonal and non-seasonal games.

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