Diablo 3: Turn Up that Monster Power Notch

I started to find my Act 1 runs on my Barbarian to be progressively getting easier. I recently hit Paragon Level 24 and wanted to see if I could push that Monster Power level a little higher. So I’m now at Monster Power 6 and feel that it’s quite an interesting challenge. People say that what you do is avoid the elites and champion packs and aim straight for the normal mobs. Ironically, as I killed a bunch of normal mobs, a nice Vile Wards dropped that I sold for 500k.

I was able to handle the elite and champion packs but it did take a little more effort. The idea is that the higher you shoot for Monster Power, the higher the likelihood of a drop will occur. But you want to farm efficiently and the way you handle that is avoid the elite and champion packs. Sure, you miss out on the Nephlam Valor, but by farming at higher Monster Powers, you can do more runs.

Since I’m starting to feel burn out from World of Warcraft, I might try Diablo 3 again and see how much I can get from running higher monster powers. Mostly, I’m focusing on Act 1 doing just the Fields of Misery and Weeping Hollow. Those areas are great for a barbarian as they’re jam packed with easy mobs that can be killed without any grievance.

I really wish that I can find better gear for my barbarian though. Although I did purchase some decent items, I had issues when it came to fury generation and seeing my resistances significantly lowered. While my current DPS isn’t as good, it’s my rage and resistances that make me prefer my current gear over the other items.

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