Diablo 3: How to Stay Engaged with the Game

With the recent patches as well as my boredom with World of Warcraft, I have become somewhat of a Diablo 3 fanatic. Now, for those who are slowing down, got turned off at some point (even early on) or are burnt out, I want to convey my enthusiasm in trying to reel you back into the game with some advice.

Currently, I’ve managed to get three level 60s who are in Inferno mode along with a monk sitting at level 51 and an upcoming witch doctor. Certainly, in a few days you can take a level 1 and push him/her all the way to 60. But as I mentioned in an earlier post, level 60 is where the game really starts.

For me in getting in hitting 60 on three different classes, I’ve set several goals for myself. One is that I’m dedicating my demon hunter as my primary class. I’ve invested a bit of money into him and he’s able to survive up to Monster Power 5. By putting some money into him, what I’ve effectively done is leveled the playing field for myself and can participate with my other friends who had previously surpassed me both in gear and levels. So now with him sitting reasonably geared, I can do a lot more and plan to drive him as far as I can in terms of farming for better gear, obtaining keys for the legendary ring and getting as many paragon levels as possible.

My next goal is to do what I’ve always done in games: create complimentary classes. I tend to use whatever class I can that’s necessary for the group. So by having a demon hunter, barbarian and wizard sitting at level 60 with decent gear, I can add value and join other parties. Need ranged? I’ll play demon hunter. Need CC and survivability? Go with a Critical Mass wizard. Want a farmer? Try the whirlwind barbarian.

For me it’s really just about experiencing as much of the game as possible. So part of the fun is trying different classes with different specs and play styles. For instance, I was using a DPS wizard build but recently decided to give the Critical Mass build a try after seeing a few Youtube videos on the subject. Turns out that the Critical Mass build is pretty fun. I’m only doing it on Monster Power 0 for Inferno at the moment, but everything has been extremely easy.

That got me thinking about what I could potentially do with the remaining 5 slots that are empty. I know a few friends use those slots as banker alts. One thing I’ve considered is after getting my guys to level 60, I could create mirrors of my characters, except maybe switch their sex for some character variety. But I would attempt different dedicated builds along with the challenge of gearing them without using the Real Money Auction House. In seeing a few of these budget gearing guides for Inferno along with the nerfed difficulty, I think it’s a fun challenge to start from scratch and have different characters for different purposes.

Why not just swap specs with the main character? Again, it’s just about challenging oneself and staying engaged in the game. I could try creating a hard core character but that’s really not my play style. I want to see what I can do with the resources that I have.

Maybe in the future, I’ll try a glass cannon wizard or maybe a tanking demon hunter or ranged barbarian. Again, these are just some possibilities. The whole idea is just figuring out ways to keep the game fun.

Of course, there’s the paragon leveling challenge along with seeing what Monster Power you can handle. I really view Paragon leveling and Monster Power as separate issues. One is more for preparing for Monster Power while the other is for getting better gear.

The other thing I’m kinda excited about is just being able to play with friends. Some are returning and I hope more will as well. But being able to group up and tackle harder Monster Power and getting better drops is quite fun. Just leveling by itself can be tiresome but having friends really makes me want to push myself harder.

For me, there’s just a lot of ways to play the game and still enjoy it. I suggest trying to challenge yourself not with just grinding gear and monster power to do something different with the classes. The permutations are quite amazing honestly.

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