Blizzcon 2014 in Review

This year was my first Blizzcon. I had no expectations going in outside of what I saw the previous year through the Virtual Ticket. Last year’s Virtual Ticket did teach me one thing: I had to go. I had to attend so that I could become part of this community that I’ve always been a part of at home but never fully experiencing. So this blog post will entail my personal journey.

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How Twitch TV is (Also) Hurting Gaming

I put the word “Also” in a parenthetical note to imply that Twitch has done a lot for the gaming community. There’s no doubt of all the positive ramifications of turning the online world on its heads by making gamers into mini celebrities and providing some with a nice career. However, the implied “Also” here means for me the dark side of Twitch (and YouTube to a slightly lesser degree).

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Diablo 3: Having Fun Prior to Reaper of Souls

With Reaper of Souls just 6 days away from release, some friends and I have really gotten back into the game and have been enjoying the current patch. I was one of the first of my friends to experience the patch when it came out and immediately noticed the quality of the game improve dramatically. In the current state, I would say it’s where Diablo 3 should’ve been right from the start.

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Twitch TV, Social Media and Stickiness

Currently, I am working on a social media type of project and one of the things we constantly are discussing is the “stickiness” aspects of the way the application should work. For those who do not understand the concept of “stickiness,” it’s simply the idea of how users of an application consistently return and use it. Typical examples of “stickiness” in an application are comments, reviews, likes and other interactive elements. When I look over towards Twitch TV, I feel that certain people do understand this concept but most people struggle with growing their channels because they lack proper examples to engage and re-engage their audience.

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Baldur’s Gate 2: Single Player or Multi-Player?

One of the biggest questions a starting player might ask is whether to go single or multi-player.  What does both mean in terms of game play? Multi-player does not necessarily mean playing with other friends but just having the option to have more than one custom character in your party. The best option is to always go multi-player as you have this flexibility of having more than one custom characters in your party; however, there are a few cheese tactics you can employ that give you an advantage in multi-player.

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Gamers Threatening Game Developers

A friend of mine pointed out an article about how gamers are now threatening the lives of game developers. The meat and bones of the article talk about how game developers have occasionally risen to a semi-star like quality in the gaming community. But upon assuming the new found stardom, they also receive notoriety…ironically from the people they are apparently trying to please.

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World of Warcraft: What Should the Next Expansion Be?

I think patch 5.4 will be the last major content patch of this expansion. With it comes the ever present speculation of what the next major expansion should be. As Garrosh Hellscream will be vanquished in the upcoming patch, we will see that part of his power is derived from the Sha. And as the Klaxxi themselves align against the players, we can see how the Klaxxi’s forewarning of joining up with the Old Gods may hint at something bigger on the way.

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