Making Progression With My Warrior

Since this weekend was rather slow in terms of people being on, I decided for the most part to push my warrior finally. I finally managed to get her over the hump of level 60 with some power leveling help from a few friends. Once she hit 62 though, I took her to Zangarmarsh to propel her forward on my own. I find levels 60-62 to be a pain because of the way Hellfire Peninsula was constructed. So it’s better if you have some higher level friends to give you some help in leveling you and just skip the vast majority of the region.

I managed to get her two levels in the marsh and decided to do something different for once. So this time around, I started in Terokkar Forest rather than going straight into Nagrand. I gained two levels and then moved her to my usual spot of Nagrand. Right now, she’s sitting at level 67 and just questing to get her ready for Northrend.

Thus far, the questing gear I’ve been finding hasn’t been that great for her. She still is using old gear from pre-BC zones. I think that may just be a consequence of skipping  over Hellfire Peninsula entirely. Lucky for her, she’s equipped with a few BoA pieces (chest, sword, shoulders and cloak) so I don’t  have to worry about that type of gear. On the bright side, I’ve been able to make some money with her because the quest rewards have mostly been stuff she already has.

Tomorrow, I hope to finish  up with Outlands and move her to Northrend. As I level her, I’m also splitting time for her professions. She’s the last toon who has a profession I haven’t already maxed out yet. Meaning that all the major professions minus engineering for me have been maxed out thus far. This will be good for me because I do miss Northrend.

Probably, I should get back to finishing up my other toons. However, I’m somewhat bored of doing the limited number of Cataclysm quests. Perhaps, when she reaches 80 or so, I’ll switch to another toon and do some other quests. Down the line, I’d like to get back to leveling my mage and rogue. But that might be in a month or two

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