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Diablo 3: Inna’s Mantra Build for Patch 2.7.1 (PTR)

With the PTR coming out on Friday for patch 2.7.1, I decided to do some theory crafting for the monk as it’s seeing a major change to the Inna’s set and a few supporting items and skills. Right now, the build is looking like a minion build focused on the Fire Ally rune from Mystic Ally based on the massive boost of damage to the bracers.

I’ve done Inna Mantra builds in the past and haven’t touched the set in a very long time. In the past, the key element was to focus on lining up your Convention of Elements for Water (I believe) to trigger the Mystic Ally ability in crushing rares, elites and bosses. I’m guessing the basic idea will still apply but now you will be forced to be more careful in using Cyclone Strike as well in doing your burst damage.

The gear will look something like this:

  • Inna’s Radiance (Helmet)
  • Inna’s Vast Expanse (Chest)
  • Inna’s Favor (Belt)
  • Inna’s Temperance (Legs)
  • Inna’s Reach (Daibo) – I’m including the weapon here for the Mystic Ally damage bonus
  • Lefebvre’s Solioquy (Shoulders) – Damage reduction when using Cyclone Strike
  • The Crudest Boots (Boots) – Doubles the number of Mystic Allies in addition to boosting their damage and lasting longer via their active forms
  • Tasker and Theo (Gloves) – Increased attack speed for pets (but not for Active ability except for Water Ally)
  • Bindings of the Lesser Gods (Bracers) – Cyclone Strike increases damage by your minions AND split fire allies gain 5 times the bonus (hence the fire allies rune/focus)
  • Endless Walk (ring/amulet) – Damage reduction while moving/damage increase while standing still
  • Convention of Elements – Because you are using elemental allies so you want to burst your damage when the proper element is ready
  • Flying Dragon (Cube, weapon slot) – Chance to double attack speed
  • Spirit Guards (Cube, armor slot) – Damage reduction via generators
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur (Cube, jewelry slot) – Because you will be using only 5 pieces of the Inna’s set equipped

The key changes for Innas are:

  • 4 set bonus – 5% damage reduction per Mystyic Ally out (HUGE defense boost)
  • 6 set bonus – Attacking enemies creates your chosen Mystic Ally that lasts 15 seconds, up to 10 Mystic Allies.

So the 6 set bonus change is interesting because not only do you gain the Active runes of all Mystic Ally abilities and 950% damage increase per Mystic Ally, but the CHOSEN Mystic Ally last up to 15 seconds, with 10 being created at once. I’m guessing that the “chosen” Mystic Ally is the one selected from the rune. Here, you probably want to go fire since they get boosted by your bracers in a massive fashion. I’m not sure how this aspect is influenced by the Crudest Boots doubling effect when it’s activated. But in my imagination, the fire allies split twice, which means that you’ll be seeing a TON of fire allies as you attack. So you might not even need to activate the Mystic Ally ability since it sounds like this might be automatic for your chosen rune.

For legendary gems, I’m looking at:

  • Enforcer – Pet Damage. Damage reduction to pets aren’t necessary with the 4 piece set bonus
  • Bane of the Trapped – Slow + more damage
  • Bane of the Stricken – Massive damage to bosses

With that in mind, the active skills I’m thinking of right now are:

  • Cyclone Strike: Implosion – Big key for doing damage here along with gathering up your enemies into a single pile
  • Way of the Hundred Fists: Assimilation – You want high attack speed to maintain the creation of your Fire Allies as well as keeping up damage reduction through your Spirit Guards bracers. This will be the primary skill used after hitting Cyclone Strike
  • Dashing Strike: Way of the Falling Star – Your GTFO button
  • Mystic Ally: Fire Ally – You still will gain the other five runes, but I think Inna’s set will use the active rune to determine which ally that gets created. And fire will be doing the most damage here so you want to go with that
  • Epiphany: Desert Shroud – Keep this up for more damage reduction
  • Blinding Flash: Faith in the Light – Damage increase with some added dodge. I think you can generally use another skill here too like a damage reduction one such as Serenity.

For passives, I’m looking at:

  • Beacon of Ytar – For cooldown reduction in keeping up Epiphany, activating all runes for Mystic Ally and Blinding Flash or Serenity
  • Seize the Initiative – More attack speed
  • Unity – Increases ally damage affected by your Mantras
  • Resolve – Damage reduction
  • Alacrity – More attack speed from generators

The way I’m picturing this build working is by dashing into a group, hitting Cyclone Strike, then spamming your generator to summon your allies to nuke your enemies down. You try to keep up Epiphany and either blind your opponents or activate another defensive skill as you continue through. When you encounter elites, rares and bosses, you hit your Mystic Ally and try to line up your Convention of Element rotation for Fire, although you might not necessarily need that with the way the operates.

Now, I’ve seen a variant of this build for the PTR coming up and they do a few different things than me such as using Shenlong’s Spirit rather than Tasker and Theo + the Daibo. The only reason I chose Tasker and Theo + the Inna’s Reach is to focus on the Mystic Ally damage. I think your Fire allies will be stomping on your enemies especially as your continuously summon them through your generators. Pretty much you’re main focus will be pulling enemies in and having your allies swarm them then going to a new group.

I think you might be able to have some flexibility here. It all depends on how the PTR turns out. But most of what I’m looking for is anything to boost my minion damage then reducing my damage.

Lastly, there’s the issue of Ethereal items. Quite honestly, I don’t think Ethereal items will be a thing here. The only way I can see incorporating an Ethereal weapon is to sacrifice the Daibo and Tasker and Theo gloves so that you use Inna’s Hold and thus gaining a weapon slot back. Then the Ethereal should either have the Flying Dragon legendary power + a good passive or the power from Echoing Fury. If you end up taking a one hander Ethereal, then I imagine Jawbreaker or the Crystal Fist weapons might be good compliments. But we have to still see how good Ethereal items are in general before making a judgment call on whether they’ll become a BiS for this build.

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