Game of Thrones: Plot Predictions for Season 8

As we slowly move towards 2019, possibly the most anticipated event will be Season 8 of Game of Thrones. There have been “leaks” and rumors for months regarding the new season. Thus far though, there has not been any solid leaks in terms of the actual overall plot. All we have are pieces from gorilla shots and the general information one can guess from the various source material. But given the actual evidence, what are real possibilities in how the season plays out and ends?

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Path of Exile: Delve Sulphite Change Issues

We had a pretty fast week when it came to updates to the latest Delve league. Most of the updates were concerning how Sulphite operates in terms of amounts one can get and the cost. However, that brought up a great deal of controversy which required a fast update as a result of essentially poor math. Although most of the changes are really aimed towards high end Delvers, we should examine the bigger issue: the expectations of what Delve meant to players.

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How Social Media Died For Me

When social media first came out (friendster, myspace, orkut, hi5, etc.), I was enthralled and wanted to partake in the space. It was at a time when the only manner of making money on the web was through ecommerce. Social media provided a new mechanism that went beyond the shopping cart as a possibility for employment and ideas. However, over time, I had become disenchanted by the evolution of social media. This blog discusses my disillusionment and general distancing from these platforms.

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Why Tech Companies Should Offer Remote As A Default Option

Although there is a trend for tech companies offering remote working conditions, a great deal do not. This is pretty silly since most tech companies are on a 24/7 environment (especially those operating on the web) and the fact that technologies have caught up to allow for collaborative environments without requiring physical and central locations. Here are my reasons that tech companies should move towards this trend sooner rather than later.

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Avengers Infinity War: How the Good Guys Fucked Up

Avengers Infinity War was an interesting super hero movie in that it left the audience shocked at the end when so many characters had “died.” I’ve read reviews connecting the ending to Empire Strikes Back (although I think they took their oomph from Game of Thrones like virtually every TV show and movie these days). But if you really examine the movie, one thing you need to see is how the ending came about. In reality, it’s a series of fuck ups by the so-called heroes in failing to prevent Thanos from achieving his goals. This post reviews those actions and shows which characters should be accountable for what.

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