Game of Thrones: Will Tyrion Die in Season 8?

Recent rumors on the reddit freefolk sub talk about the potential for Tyrion facing a trial and then dying. While some have mentioned the people at the trial, the real question is what happened and will we see the end of House Lannister?

During shooting, people heard the rumor of Winterfell being set afire as a result of Tyrion betraying the Starks and Daenerys. The actual reason is unknown. In the past few weeks, one (in)famous rumor mongerer has mentioned that Tyrion’s betrayal will ultimately lead to him standing trial for his crimes perhaps in the last episode.

Along with these rumors around this time, Peter Dinklage himself had done an interview that describes the last Tyrion scene in Season 7 episode 7. In this interview, Peter Dinklage expatiates the mysterious look Tyrion casts upon the pair of Jon Snow and Daenerys as they engage in intercourse. He states that it’s a mixture of jealousy, sorrow and anxiety as a result of understanding the implications of mixing politics and romance.

His own jealousy is partly due to the subtle growing affection he has for Daenerys. However, his respect for Jon Snow and Daenerys rends his heart at what is happening. This scene leaves the viewer wondering what machinations he might have in store for the pair in season 8.

I think simply stated Jon Snow (being the dumbfuck hero that he is) along with Daenerys’ stubborn and often times caustic stance will lead them to make a move that will endanger Tyrion’s family. Tyrion has stated that he loves his family, despite how most of them treat him. Upon learning of Cersei’s unborn child, Tyrion, I believe, made a pact with her.

Obviously, part of that pact would involve saving Cersei and her child. But in return, I think Tyrion wants Daenerys for himself.  He didn’t exactly deny all the words Cersei used to describe why Tyrion follows Daenerys, namely calling her a foreign whore. I don’t think it far fetched for Tyrion to have some level of lust towards Daenerys. Even Daenerys in some ways knows the subtle sexual tension shared between the two (note how she apologizes to Tyrion when she described Jon Snow as being “too little” for her)

Some people have pointed out on reddit how Tyrion has done his best to push away everyone from Daenerys. Such as keeping Dario in Slavers Bay, the plan to capture a White Walker (which is suicidal), sending Grayworm to the undefended Casterly Rock, etc. And despite my general dislike for show Daenerys, one thing she has proven is having good acumen. In this case, she has noticed his attempts to protect his family.

People who only watch the show may credit Tyrion as being kind. Yet he really isn’t. He’s still a Lannister and share some of their tendencies. The difference is that he has a very wide character arc and that Peter Dinklage’s portrayal has made him a fan favorite. That alone should not dismiss his conniving personality.

What we really don’t know for certain are his core motives. Season 6 pretty much demolished his character into just a joker who wanted to party. Season 7 made him into a fool because all of his plans went into the gutter. So he’s either overrated (at least to himself) or he has ulterior motives that we’re not privy to see.

If anything though what is reliable is his selfish and arrogant nature. Also, his self-pity is a huge flaw as he is a “broken” person. The environment has treated him ill and it’s easy for him to lose hope and destroy everything around him.

I see Tyrion finding out a crucial piece of information such as Jon Snow’s true heritage and then arguing with him to reveal the truth to the rest of the northern lords as well as Daenerys. It would be a flip moment to the part where he hoped for Jon Snow to lie to Cersei. In turn, Jon Snow’s own hypocrisy and Daenerys’ inability to see the truth for herself would cause Tyrion to lose it. Maybe it would leave the Starks vulnerable for Cersei’s forces (the Golden Company) to invade.

From what it sounds like neither Jon Snow nor Daenerys show up for the execution. In Jon Snow’s case, it might be another hypocrisy if he makes it that far if he is the one doing the sentencing. If Daenerys is the one making the order, then I feel it goes against her wishes to “break the wheel”.

Ultimately, what this all leads to is the so-called “bittersweet” ending that people have talked about and theorized. While what we see as the heroes triumphantly surviving, the reality is that there’s a lot of casualties. Tyrion’s possible downfall here is tragic in that life really didn’t treat him fairly. A few bad turns would lead him to being viewed as nothing more than an enemy because it’s easy not to forgive this type based on his family name and reputation.

But here’s another item of food for thought. From the outset, we have generally been looking at the Lannisters as “villains.” It’s easy to categorize them as such because of their seemingly cruel, arrogant and selfish nature. In the scheme of things though, one must ask whether or not you can see things so simply as black and white. Daenerys’ nature isn’t exactly pure and she has exhibited moments of cruelty, arrogance and selfishness. The Starks themselves can be seen as catalyst of the war; certainly, Littlefinger spurned things forward, but the Starks’ nature prevented proper diplomacy.

Perhaps, at the end of the story we may view these characters in a far different fashion. If Daenerys and Jon Snow are the ones ordering the execution of Tyrion for an unfair ordeal and being unwilling to compromise, are they not themselves complicit in following in their family’s footsteps? Shouldn’t part of “breaking the wheel” for Daenerys be forgiveness? We have seen Jon Snow attempt that with Theon. Will he be able to do the same for Tyrion?

The reason that the “wheel” exist is that revenge is circular in fashion; it simply doesn’t end. It’s not necessarily about who’s on top. It’s about how the bottom spoke comes back on top because it’s been shoved down and eventually will have its day.

Thus, a question I must ask is whether or not the Lannisters are really the “bad guys” in all of this? From a certain point of view, Daenerys and the Starks are equally “bad.” But then again you cannot equate traditional fantasy and heroic themes of morality and ethics into a story that tries to be partly grounded in a realistic fashion. That’s part of what makes Game of Thrones a great fantasy series. Also, you can argue that those that the win (i.e. survive or are on top) are the ones that write the history and the viewpoints.

Take a look at the incest between Cersei and Jamie vs Daenerys and Jon Snow. Most people see Cersei and Jamie’s relationship as disgusted; we are colored by the dialog and viewpoints from the favorable characters in the story. Yet the view of Jon Snow and Daenerys being equally unsavory doesn’t seem to reach a lot of audiences. Instead, people cheer and desire the two to be together.

In many ways, I want the Lannister family to perish in that it would flip the coin on the way we’ll view the story from end to start again. We don’t really know the characters in full at this point. I have a feeling that our understanding will change and that what people cheer now will switch at the end.

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