Avengers Infinity War: How the Good Guys Fucked Up

Avengers Infinity War was an interesting super hero movie in that it left the audience shocked at the end when so many characters had “died.” I’ve read reviews connecting the ending to Empire Strikes Back (although I think they took their oomph from Game of Thrones like virtually every TV show and movie these days). But if you really examine the movie, one thing you need to see is how the ending came about. In reality, it’s a series of fuck ups by the so-called heroes in failing to prevent Thanos from achieving his goals. This post reviews those actions and shows which characters should be accountable for what.

  • The Star Lord – By far my least favorite character in the film. His arrogance and inability to make good decisions can easily be pinpointed as possibly the primary reason the heroes fail in their quest. Two key plot points was his hesitation to kill Gamora (although it was futile) and later getting angry at Thanos for killing Gamora, leading to Iron Man and Spider Man being unable to pull off the Infinity Gauntlet.
  • Gamora – Effectively, she allowed herself to be captured by Thanos in being led into his trap. She could’ve stayed in a random spot in the galaxy, thus preventing Thanos from discovering her and getting the Soul Stone.
  • Nebula – Her mistake was revealing to Gamora her knowledge of Thanos’ plans and the location of the soul stone. Basically, keeping her mouth shut would’ve saved them along with Gamora’s own compassion towards her sister (despite Guardians of the Galaxy 2)
  • Thor – Just like in all of his movies, Thor is a baboon despite being a supposed god. His character, though lovable, is pretty brain dead. His true weakness is his inability to recognize his own arrogance. The peak of his stupidity is explained by Thanos himself when he tells Thor that he should’ve aimed for the hand.
  • The Hulk – Yes, he has all types of problems but he renders Banner impotent by refusing to help fight at the right moment. In all honesty, the Hulk by himself probably could have done nothing against Thanos, but by not contributing at the end, he made things worse.
  • Drax – Mostly, just a clumsy idiot that screwed up by making noise. But that was due to not allowing himself to calm down, thus alerting Thanos to the Guardians presence.
  • Loki – Like many others, he should’ve kept his mouth shut. Sure, he tried to get in close to kill Thanos but like his brother, his own belief in his immortality prevented him from seeing just how Thanos was. He could have contributed in some meaningful fashion to the larger fights but now that’s wasted.
  • Scarlet Witch – I think she’s been made useless in the movies despite being one of the most powerful Marvel characters around. That said, she’s just a moron here. Yes, she has feelings for Vision but a fucking robot? Just rebuild the fucker. She had the option to extract and destroy the stone from Vision even before he arrived, despite how Thanos was able to reverse time. Instead, the whole plan of waiting for the Wakanda scientists to remove it was a complete waste. That made everything she did leading to that point absolutely useless. But then again that’s her character in the movies.
  • Vision – Sure his situation wasn’t great in that the stone was part of his identity. But if he has one fault it was that he couldn’t convince Scarlet Witch well enough that his destruction would save half the universe. I mean, how fucking selfish can someone be. He should’ve told her something like, “Bitch ur cunt stinks.” Or some shit like that to piss her off and make her do the right thing.
  • Dr Strange – Tony Stark was not incorrect in saying that Dr Strange’s plan to hit Thanos’ world was outright dumb. This was before Dr Strange understood the so-called one outcomes that would allow them to succeed. On top of that he outright gave Thanos the stone. Yeah, that probably has some sort of plot point that will be resolved in the next Avengers. However, that shouldn’t deflect the point that he outright gave Thanos the stone.
  • Captain America and Tony Stark – If you take the outcome from Captain America: Civil War into this movie, you’ll realize that these two’s inability to resolve their personal issues made the Avengers weaker. You can’t deny that fact.

In effect, you can see how these mistakes made led to Thanos getting what he wanted. It’s a different perspective on how to look at the movie. That said, I want to introduce another idea on the characters that did not have a negative effect leading to Thanos’ victory.

  • Black Widow – Outside of one liners, she really didn’t do much in the show one way or another. Maybe the only part was letting one of Thanos’ minions escaping by not reacting fast enough. But that part really had no true impact at the end of the day (since the same minions died)
  • Black Panther – I would say he was far more of a victim of circumstance along with his people. In fact, it’s pretty tragic since they opened up their borders and took Vision in for a futile plan along with provided a large army to help act as a last line of defense for Vision.
  • Groot – He had a positive effect in that he sacrificed his limb to help create Thor’s new weapon. It’s just that Thor misused it in the end while Groot suffered.
  • Falcon, War Machine, Winter Soldier – Just cameos honestly. Had no real purpose outside of being around. Maybe War Machine did something small by being insubordinate to the government, but they mostly served as soldiers in the end (and two got eliminated).
  • Spider Man – I suppose you can say he was a really tragic figure in all of this. He didn’t really fuck up and whether he stayed on Earth or aided Stark wouldn’t have mattered in the end. If anything he did his best, tried to save lives (like the Guardians, Dr Strange and Stark), but he was not in the best of odds.
  • Rocket – In all honesty, he did more than most of the leading cast did in terms of contributing. He helped get Thor to his destination and reopen that dying star to light the forge.
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