Not Happy With Diablo 3

Diablo 3 certainly isn’t the league of its predecessors. Instead, the corporate machine of Activision/Blizzard has converted a once great franchise game into a soulless abomination. I managed to finish the game with the help of a friend on normal mode, but it was quite clear that the game has become excessively frustrating. I started playing Nightmare mode and found the fights to be equally frustrating, especially in fighting the mini bosses and champions. The sad thing is that the game halts your progression practically by following a similar formula to World of Warcraft’s grind.

Essentially, the only way to beat the game is play the Auction House. However, that notion is pretty insane and defeats the purpose of having a well designed game. You basically are tied to your gear rather than skills and abilities. The game also employs many one shot tactics found in boss fights in Cataclysm, the same lame tactics that chased away a good few million people.

Then you have cool downs for potions. It makes some fights virtually impossible without having an overpowered friend assist you. The whole idiocy of converting an RPG-like game into a stupid resource management strategy game has made me slowly hate this game (and Blizzard in general). Sadly, I feel as though grinding through World of Warcraft is more effective than playing Diablo 3 simply because I already put the effort into that game. Now, it feels as though I’m starting from scratch.

On a side note, I tried playing Heroes of Might and Magic 6 and found myself jammed. What is it with game makers these days? Do they simply enjoy putting high barriers to entry?

At any rate, the only time I enjoy Diablo 3 is when my friends are playing online. But most are far ahead of me so it’s hard to catch up. Either way, I’ll probably just stick with World of Warcraft for now (even though I said I was going to take a break). I just don’t see a lot of games that are enjoyable anymore.

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