Diablo 3: Season 7 Helltooth Witch Doctor Fun Pet Build

I won’t get into how triggered I am regarding the Ring of Emptiness nerf that happened at the last second. That issue deserves a blog post on its own some day. Instead, I want to focus on modifying the Helltooth meta slightly and demonstrate an interesting variation that I’ve been testing out that you can use for Season 7 (especially if you hate last season’s meta).

Helltooth Pet Doctor

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Diablo 3: Why I’m Excited for the Witch Doctor Meta in Season 7

Season 7 is coming up this week on Friday starting from 5pm PST. While there’s not a great deal of changes for this coming patch/season, the most notable change (at least for me) that will be coming up is the new Witch Doctor meta, where the Ring of Emptiness will open up more diversity in the builds. However, there’s one build in particular that I’m eyeballing and it looks great so far that uses the Ring of Emptiness and Helltooth Set.

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Diablo 3: Spirit of Arachyr/Mad Chicken Bomber Witch Doctor Build for Patch 2.3

While my set up for this build isn’t original by far, I absolutely had to write a blog post about this build just because it’s one of those things that really is a signature Blizzard thing. For lack of a better way of putting it, this is a CRAZY build. Don’t get me wrong. It’s fun as hell and you’ll die laughing playing this the first time around.

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Diablo 3: Helltooth/Acid Bomb Build for Patch 2.3

One of the more anticipated redos of sets is the Helltooth set for Witch Doctors. The original set centered around the ability Wall of Zombies, which really didn’t do much even though it looked cool. Instead, part of the redesign was changing the ability to be called Wall of Death and moving Wall of Zombies into a rune. That partly added more flexibility along with adding Necrosis to add a debuff on enemies, provided a defensive buff to the Witch Doctor and slow enemies.

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Diablo 3: Patch 2.2 Test Drive Tonight

All day I eagerly anticipated getting home to get my hands on the new patch. Originally, I thought about hitting the gym but it rained so it pretty much provided me with a reasonable excuse to head straight home after work. For the most part, I had been reading about the patch through forum posts and watching streamers thus far, with a few moments of getting into the PTR. Despite a great of negativity, I still felt that the patch had some real high hopes for me.

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Diablo 3: CarnEvil/Pet Doctor Build

Recently, I leveled up a second Witch Doctor with the intent of providing her with all my spare gear that my original Witch Doctor had obtained. My goal for my second Witch Doctor was to act as a bank alt but also to experiment with other gear builds beyond the high end Jade Harvester build. This blog talks about my experience so far with the Pet Doctor build that I’ve been working on.

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Diablo 3: Near 180k DPS Witch Doctor Acid Cloud Destroying Inferno MP2

I made a 10 million gold purchase to replace my old helmet on my witch doctor, which boosted his DPS to near 180k unbuffed (slightly less according to diabloprogress.com), hitting around 220k buffed. The results? Monster Power 2 Inferno is like a knife to melted butter. I probably can take down rares and champion packs within roughly 20 seconds.

I might give Monster Power 3 another try but I feel that the exponential growth of rare and champion pack life might slow my farming down a bit, since it’s recommended that efficient clears should be within 10-20 seconds per rare/champion pack mob. White mobs go down reasonably well at 160k unbuffed DPS but I’ve found myself kiting things around for quite a bit at Monster Power 3, which slows my overall farming progress down quite a bit.

If anything, I think if I can boost my DPS by another 30k unbuffed, Monster Power 3 should be at or near the ease of Monster Power 2 right now. However, getting over the next 30k DPS hump is pretty hard without some major investment. Most of what I can do is do incremental increases for key stats on gear. This is where the game really slows down since you end up focusing on single pieces of gear for a large amount of gold or real money. However, getting the gold for that kind of investment is pretty hard without incredible luck and spending real money beyond $3-5 just isn’t worth it (unless you’ve got an incredible amount of spare capital lying around). So in my case it might be a while before I get a reasonable upgrade.

One thing I will say is that the witch doctor has slowly become one of my favorite classes. It’s not popular nor as potentially efficient as a barbarian but I find that the class is pretty fun, can be flexible on the skills and gearing is not horribly expensive (unless you do something like a Zombie Dog/Sacrifice build). I’m not saying getting to 170k unbuffed DPS is going to be completely cheap, but you can gear up pretty quickly and be effective. Then as you progress in gaining paragon levels and accumulating gold, the upgrades are plentiful and can get you pretty close to where you need to be to clear Inferno and Monster Power 2 effectively.

I do think I can push my guy another 30k but I don’t think at this point it’s worth sacrificing certain elements like survivability and my 20 yard pick up radius off hand. But outside of uber bosses, there might be little point in making those upgrades just yet.