The Defenders: Season 1 Review

The Defenders came out on Friday at midnight with me watching around 5am since I was simply too tired to stay up a few extra hours. I managed to finish the series this morning after catching a few more episodes last night and have been mulling over the show for a good day now. I’m not going to do an episode-by-episode review but tackle the series as a whole, especially in the realm these four characters.

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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 5 Eastwatch Review

We start this week’s episode picking up after the stunning defeat of the Lannister’s. Bronn recovers Jamie and drags him to land while telling him that the only person who is allowed to kill Jamie is Bronn (at least until Bronn gets his comeuppance). Jamie full well realizes the power of Daenerys’ army and the even deadlier three dragon weapons that wiped out his host. Yet he has the unenviable task of revealing this information to Cersei.

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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 4 The Spoils of War Review

The Spoils of War starts with Jamie and Bronn at Highgarden gathering supplies and the treasures in preparation for a drawn out war with Daenerys’ army. Although the Lannisters were victorious, Jamie is clearly perturbed about how things went down as indicated by Bronn’s acumen. In the meantime, Bronn starts talking about what Jamie now owes him, which is a full castle. Bronn points out that Highgarden seems available but the upkeep and Daenerys’ invasion would make him think otherwise, according to Jamie.

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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 3 The Queen’s Justice Review

The episode starts off with one of the most anticipated reunions in the series: Jon Snow greeting Tyrion Lannister at the beach of Dragonstone. Jon is accompanied by a few Stark men and his most trusted advisor Ser Davos Seaworth while Tyrion has by his side a few Dothraki soldiers and Missandei. They exchange a warm handshake and reminisce about when they last met at the Wall.

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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 2 Stormborn Review

Stormborn picks up from the near dialogless ending from Episode 1 where Daenerys, Tyrion and the others plot Daenerys’ conquest of Westeros. We have an exterior shot showing a tremendous rain storm where Tyrion and Varys reflect upon Daenerys’ birth. Daenerys lacks patience over her desire to march forth and take back her birthright, but she too reminisces of the past, particularly her brother Viserys who she admits was an idiot and was led to believe how Varys and his friend Illyraio Mopatis fed him false information to make a return.

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GLOW on Netflix Review

If you were a pro-wrestling fan during the 80s, it would be impossible to have missed GLOW in some format. Even if you weren’t into women’s pro-wrestling, at the very least, you may have encountered the anomaly that occurred for a brief stint that built up a sort of cult following and oddball subculture. So when Netflix announced that it was going to create a series around the federation, naturally someone like myself would be inclined towards giving it a shot.

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Suicide Squad Movie Review

I saw various warnings about this movie. There was quite a bit of anticipation for it as the DC universe with Hollywood seemed to want to redeem itself after the heavily panned Superman vs Batman flick. And even with the criticisms towards this movie, I did read that a few performances were well handled. So how did Suicide Squad fare in the Keith rating system?

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