Suicide Squad Movie Review

I saw various warnings about this movie. There was quite a bit of anticipation for it as the DC universe with Hollywood seemed to want to redeem itself after the heavily panned Superman vs Batman flick. And even with the criticisms towards this movie, I did read that a few performances were well handled. So how did Suicide Squad fare in the Keith rating system?

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Working Girl Movie Review

This movie popped up on Netflix and having both Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver (as well as a brief showing by my favorite actor, Kevin Spacey), it pretty much became a must-see movie for me. I did read a few summaries and the general consensus made it seem as though this movie would be fairly interesting. However, I have other feelings for this movie that I would like to share.

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Old Game Reviews: Heroes of Might and Magic 5

While I probably should start off the series with an earlier version of Heroes of Might and Magic, I wanted to do 5 first mostly because I don’t recall enough of the earlier versions where I could belt out a fair review. However, I played 5 fairly extensively and had it on my list of games I wanted to review for a while. It wasn’t the best overall in the series nor the most polished, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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Old Game Reviews: Pools of Darkness

Pools of Darkness was the fourth and last game in the Forgotten Realms gold box series, sending the players into ultimate high level game play. I believe The Dark Queen of Krynn also allowed for high level game play, but the setting for that game was in the Dragonlance realm. This one is set in the Forgotten Realms but most of the action occurs on the various planes that the player must traverse.

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Old Game Reviews: Ultima 5 Warriors of Destiny

Ultima 5 probably had one of the most endearing stories in CRPG history. It took the virtues that were setup in Ultima 4 and inversed them to create an oppressive universe. Rather than seeking enlightenment, you seek to uncover the disappearance of Lord British while learning about his successor, Lord Blackthorne, who has perverted the teachings of virtues.

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Old Game Reviews: Master of Orion II Battle at Antares

I received a copy of this game I believe either in my 2nd or 3rd year in college. Easily, I must have spent countless hours, even way passed its published date, playing this game. I never played the original nor did I try the follow up one, despite the fact that one of my TAs and roommates in college worked on it. Either way, it’s a huge stand out game for me which is why I decided to review it.

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