Path of Exile: Soulwrest Necromancer Build Review

I love builds that depend on weapons that do not have a real 6-link requirement. Items like Ngamahu’s Flame that allow you to put support gems regardless of linking provide interesting game play as you’re given a bit more flexibility as you can mix and match gems to create diverse builds. The Soulwrest staff is one such item and had been something I’d been eyeballing for a while.

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Path of Exile: Current State of the Game from My Viewpoint

This post will be heavily opinionated based on my recent experience with the Incursion league, the end of Beast League, the very initial foray into the Flashback Incursion league and finally the upcoming Delve League. I might occasionally compare it to Diablo 3, but for the most part this isn’t going to be game XXX is better than YYY type of write up.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Episode 8 Review

Yeah, this is another late review by me but I finally managed to watch The Last Jedi. Felt more like the Last Star Wars that ought to be created just because it was quite bad for the most part. As someone who grew up with Star Wars, it just breaks my heart as the quality of the series has plummeted. There was some redemption with Rogue One but the combination of Disney and a senile Lucas still maintaining a certain level of control has turned this beloved franchise into vomit dookie.

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