Boom Beach: More on Progress, Post-Mega Crab

Last Friday, we had the Halloween version of the Mega Crab. It’s probably the most difficult Mega Crab of the year just because of the scare mortars which induces panic. Before talking about my experience, I wanted to give some small updates on my own progress.

Right now, for my main account, I’m completely focusing on building up my defense. Already, I’ve managed to upgrade all three rocket launchers (with the third on its way) to maximum level. Originally, the plan was to push resource storage but I’ve only upgraded my Iron storage to level 11, I believe, which seems to be more than enough for now.

Depending on the week, I might just rotate my upgrades to make things interesting. Usually, people would focus on Rocket Launchers and Boom Cannons first, but we’ll see how the Boom Cannon part plays out. Previous to the HQ24 upgrade, I was still in the middle of upgrading my defenses so there are some that need to be pushed from that period.

My secondary account has just one last landing craft to be finished before I can focus on defenses. That account will require a significant amount of work because I didn’t upgrade a single defense since leveling up to HQ23. That might mean I will be able to do more than a single upgrade per week compared to my main account, but I don’t know if I will want to go one-by-one getting things to the next major level or focus on a single defense to maximize them individually.

Now, onto the Mega Crab event. I wasn’t too fond of it as the 11-19 stages were pretty beefy. They had boosted building health up to slow progress (compared to the first 10 levels or so which increased your movement rate). It honestly felt unnecessary and made me quit early once I obtained all my resources.

The next levels from 20-30 had an increased gunboat weapon boost, which made GBE’ing boom cannons, etc. down quite easy. However, because of those 11-19 stages, I felt drained and didn’t see a point in pushing much further than what I needed.

So I read that some people were using all Scorchers or Tanks + Bombardiers to push, which allowed them to get up to 60+ easily. It seems pretty odd to me because of how these bases have so many Boom Cannons, etc. I’m guessing that they use the Instant Troop subscription to avoid downtime on troop regeneration.

That said, it’s making me consider giving Tanks + Bombardiers a try, especially on my main account since those troops are maxed out. I heard of some awkwardness for using those troops so I imagine that I would have to use them in conjunction with the instant troop subscription.

My only concern about going that route is that I’m just not a huge fan of spending money if I don’t have to. The instant troop subscription sounds like a bad cheese tactic and I really have no urgent use for it. More than that, I simply worry about being unable to unsubscribe after hearing a few horror stories from people who were unable to do so.

That said, one thing that I’ve noticed is just so many high level bases popping up on my map at my VP level that I’m getting worried that my normal load out won’t be effective any more. Also, not many NPC bases pop up regularly, which forces me to fight PVP battles. That would force me to change my style a bit and might make me go this other route.

Nonetheless, I am looking forward to pushing more defenses since that will help me with Hammerman day a bit. I’m not sure when the next major HQ update will come out. They did have a video on November’s planned updates. The only one I really care about at this time is the new prototype troop. But I don’t really need an HQ update at this stage since I just got started working on my max defenses.

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