Boom Beach: More Landing Craft Upgrade Love

Another week down and this time I’m up to 3 level 24 LCs on my main and 1 23 for my secondary account. I hit a few jackpots along the way and a few downturns but in general I would say it’s been a successful week.

My main account has been getting hit a lot more regularly from PVP assaults which has taken a toll on my resources. It’s a bit disheartening waking up to find that someone took roughly 400k worth of Iron, which can amount to a single day’s worth of gathering. But that’s the way it goes with this game.

Still, the negatives could not outweigh the positives as I was purely determined to get my 3rd LC 24 on my main. Luckily, with the Ops daily reward, I recovered the 400k worth of Iron and was roughly around 5 million, which encouraged me to push for the remaining resources. Being that it was another Hammerman day, I could get some very juicy rewards, even though I stopped at level 7.

The other thing I managed to upgrade was my Scorchers on that account. It was a bit of “luxury” upgrade, meaning my main attack configuration was fully upgraded and now I can upgrade everything else, starting from the most expensive to whatever secondary or tertiary formations I want in the future.

My secondary account took an LC 23 upgrade. I figured why not since I had the resources. I believe that before going defensive, you should upgrade whatever the most expensive offensive components to your base is. So in a lot of cases that piece is your Landing Craft. With another Mega Crab event coming up, I want to prepare a few landing craft for some juicy upgrades on both accounts.

Unfortunately, on my secondary account, I’m still waiting on my tanks to finish. I could theoretically rush them but the Diamond cost is pretty high. Since my next major Armory upgrade planned is my Artillery, I really do not have a need to rush it as long as it’s maxed out by the time the Mega Crab comes along. I figure on that account, I should have at least half of my offensive configuration fully upgraded.

One thing I’m really loving about the HQ24 stuff is just the power of everything. I encountered a lower level base on my secondary account and just Barraged it to death. I don’t know if the owner is active but I can imagine how terrible it must’ve felt seeing his base get destroyed just from a pure Barrage attack.

Also, my Grenadiers feel incredible with them being maxed out on both accounts. Even though I’d love to try a different troop configuration some day, there is a huge amount of satisfaction from playing Grenadiers with their ability to clear huge areas. And with the damage upgrades, the clear speed is even better.

Another thing I’ve been considering lately is dropping my two defensive statues in favor of two more GBE statues. My Tank-Grenadier-Medic combo doesn’t really require the additional +34% GBE for most things. But if I ever want to use a full Scorcher load out, it’s pretty much a must have.

I suppose the real answer is whether or not I’m able to craft another pair of equivalent statues. The ones I have are pretty good so I’m reluctant to ditch them, especially for very limited use cases. Also, with the upgrade in power levels, Hammerman day will become more problematic. On my main account, I’m able to usually get through a level 7 assault but only by boosting both defensive statues and having fully deployed Prototype Defenses.

For now I think things are fine. One thing I’m discovering is that the LC upgrades, while very grindy, haven’t taken as long as I had feared. There’s a good chance that once the next Mega Crab event comes around, I should have my top row of LCs fully upgraded and then be able to upgrade my Gunboat. If that’s the case, I estimate I can finish fully upgrading all my LCs by the end of October for my main account.

For my secondary account, I think I’ll just mix things up and upgrade whatever comes along the way. I want to keep my LCs reasonably upgraded in case another major update to Boom Beach drops.

At any rate, very pleased with this week’s progress. I feel like I’m almost half way done on a mega project.

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