Boom Beach: Recent Stuff From My Progress

Path of Exile has obviously captured my attention for the moment but I have not stopped pushing on both my accounts for Boom Beach. Right now, one account is at level 68 and the other 66. Progress has been going well but slow mostly because of the cost of upgrades at this point.

For my main account, I have managed to secure 2 LC 24s and 1 LC 23. Pretty much the plan is to dedicate all resources until one row of LCs are fully upgraded. After that, I might try to upgrade my Gunboat for the extra 1 energy. Also, my primary attack force has been upgraded, although I am working on the highest level of Critters.

Actually, I managed to make use of one of the Classified Items on my main by using it with the Trader’s stone conversion. That helped with upgrading one of my LCs to 23 along with collecting from my Resource Boats, which I had been accumulating for some time.

For my next offensive upgrades, I’m considering prioritizing Scorchers and Cryoneers because of their heavy cost. I might skip over Mechs just because I haven’t heard a single good word about using them. It sounds like you’re better off with Heavies if you want to use a shield for a troop like Zookas or Bombardiers. So I might go with them while I work on upgrading the bottom row of LCs.

On my secondary account, I am focused on upgrading resource storage units. I hit too many limits and felt that they are a better investment than LCs in comparison to my main account. The reason being that I have no immediate plans to use any of the troops that can make use of the maxed out LC 24s.

I am getting close to maxing out my Grenadiers on that account and have pushed my Barrage to the max. That just leaves Tanks and Artillery, which has been sorely neglected. But again I’m going for expensive upgrades when I can and had some great opportunities to get my Grenadiers up there. By the time the next Mega Crab rolls around, I suspect that my main offensive units will be upgraded in time for it.

One thing I have noticed during this course is that my main account has been assaulted a lot more. Part of that is good since it means the game is active and that I can farm Diamonds. Part of it is bad because it means that a lot of my opponents are pushing for high level bases too. Many of the rerolls on bases have resulted in 62+ levels. Pretty much I’ll need to fully upgrade my LCs and use something like Scorchers to handle those if they become a consistent nuisance.

Given the increased activity, I’m wondering if that’ll encourage Supercell to push out a new update in the coming months. I still think that the game can still eek out more levels so I’ll continue pushing until my bases are fully upgraded. That way I’ll be prepared for that next update.

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