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Path of Exile: Mucking Around With Hierophant Freeze Pulse Totems

Decided to use one of my passive respecs to give my old Hierophant a rework with Freeze Pulse Totems. I had a Soul Mantle and two Kikazaru rings as the basics to get this build started. The goal was to see how this build would feel since I did not want to start from scratch in leveling a new Hierophant.

I did have a level 21 Freeze Pulse and a Controlled Destruction. But the rest of the gems I had to start from scratch. That wasn’t a problem since at this stage, it’s just for testing and I’m doing low level maps (my guy is level 82). One thing I added was Glancing Blows but I’m probably going to remove it since the double damage is too big of a hit and a bit scary.

Probably, I will revise the build a little so that I incorporate at least one more jewel slot to get Self-Flagellation. In that manner, I can increase my damage from my curses placed on me.

Beyond that, I want to re-purpose one of my other guy’s +1 totem shields since that will be a major damage boost. Either that or I will need to figure out how to craft a +1 totem shield. Ideally, I would like it to have +15% mana reservation reduction but I’m not holding my breath for both features to show up during a craft.

Right now, I think the main issue is with Glancing Blows. It makes the build feel very sketchy at times because my health will get reduced without warning. I’m assuming that’s just me shield blocking and taking the damage. Nonetheless, it’s just too sketchy. Also, I’m using Shield Charge which really isn’t great compared to Flame Dash with Arcane Surge and Second Wind linked these days.

At any rate, the basics feel okay. Some bosses with phases may have issues when my totems freeze them. So those mechanics will feel clunky. Also, I have an Atziri’s Foible for my amulet but I’m thinking it might be overkill compared to something with more life and other useful attributes (e.g. dexterity). I did take MoM so the extra mana helps. Still I think just getting back a dexterity node might be far more useful than this amulet.

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