Boom Beach: First LC24 and 2nd Max Level Sculptor

I tried to take advantage of the Mega Crab event again by doing a push for resources as well as using up my Diamonds to speed up construction of my 2nd HQ24 and LC for my main account. While I’m satisfied that I was able to get my LC to 24, it did make me realize how hard it will be to upgrade these after the Mega Crab event.

The resource requirements for LC24 are pretty insane. In some ways, it makes it hard to imagine seeing an LC25 without ways to increase the resource output beyond Classified Items. Even putting down more RR statues might not be a good enough solution as I can see how one might be forced to wait for weeks before being able to get a single LC upgrade.

I was happy that I got another max level Sculptor though. The hard part now is attempting to craft another GBE 17% statue. That might take some time as I haven’t been that lucky lately with these. But at least I’ll have space for another on my secondary account.

What sucks is that on my secondary account, I’ve pretty much maxed out my Gold resources for the time being. I’m probably just going to spend it via the Crystal Ore since I’m a few days away from finishing up my Grenadier upgrade.

It’s tempting to buy some Diamonds just for the purpose of speeding up the upgrade process. I can feel the issues with not having maxed out offense on these stages of Mega Crab. But I think it’s better just to wait for now.

The Mega Crab has been fairly tough. I got to mid 20s on my main and low 20s on my secondary. Mostly, I wanted to get enough resources for some upgrades. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I might just do a max boost again with a few finally attacks just to get more resources. It is going to be a while before another Mega Crab so I think it might be worth just keeping a fair chunk of spare resources ready.

It makes me think that I should start focusing on Resource Storage on both accounts. On my secondary account, there’s a few upgrades that I need before I can prioritize Resource Storage like the Armory and Vault. But once I get those definitely Resource Storage will make a huge impact.

I will say that it does suck knowing that it’ll be a while before having my LCs fully upgraded where I can make use of the level 24 aspect. I really want to try the Mech and Bombardiers out but feel that without them being maxed out, they won’t really feel that great.

At least, when the next Mega Crab comes around, I think my main account will be ready offensively.

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