Boom Beach: Two HQ 24s and LC23 Grind Begins

Mega Crab is now in full force. And so starts the big push to maximize my Landing Crafts. But at the same time, I managed to score another HQ24. So lots of stuff.

I rushed the double Barrage upgrades because I wanted to take advantage of the Gold resources and start advancing my Grenadiers. I wish I had upgraded the Barrages a day sooner since I still had to spend a significant amount of Diamonds to rush completion but it’s fine. At least on my main account, I can fully enjoy the full force of a maxed out Barrage.

The Grenadiers I did because of the high cost. Artillery would have been a bigger priority if the costs at this point in the game weren’t so high. And I figured that it’s best to get the top costing upgrades that you use out of the way first.

On my main account, I started my first LC23 upgrade. Let me say that the resource cost is no joke. I ended up spending Wood for Iron using the Trader’s deals. That’s to prepare for the start of another LC upgrade that probably won’t occur this weekend.

On my secondary account, I managed to start another HQ24. That feels really good. Now, I’m beginning to prepare for upgrading my Sculptor. I think if I play my cards right, I’ll be able to fetch the upgrade by the end of the weekend and start preparing for another Armory 24 for next week.

One thing I learned is that I wish I had been upgrading my Iron storage for my second account. I had to sacrifice a lot of Iron using the Crystal Ore conversion because I kept running into my limits. It really hurts losing 1.5 million Iron because you don’t have enough storage.

Either way, these series of upgrades are a very good start. I feel both accounts are in a pretty good spot at the moment. Hopefully on both accounts by the end of the weekend, I’ll have enough for another major upgrade. Probably, on my main account, I’ll be short but I plan on doing full boost every day until the end of the event to try and take advantage of accumulating as much resources as possible.

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