Boom Beach: Vault 21 From Doctor T’s Volcano Island

I was able to procure my Vault level 21 doing today’s Dr T event for my main account. I believe it should be ready by the time the Mega Crab event goes on so that I can focus all resource efforts for an Landing Craft level 23.

I felt great with my main account clearing the full Dr T event, but the last two levels were a little sketchy. But I was able to get my second account to level 6. I don’t think I would have the DPS to clear it just yet. I still need the Armory 23 upgrades and another GBE statue at this stage.

The good thing about doing these events on two accounts is that I can use one to preview and figure out better strategies for my other account. There is some difference because of the level difference but it’s not too significant.

That said, I’m beginning to think about future strategies. While I love the Grank-Med play style, I would like to try something different. Namely, Mech-Bombardier-Medic. What I’m considering is using my main account for that and just go into a straight Landing Craft grind while my secondary account, I’ll keep as Grank-Med and focus on defense.

The idea here is to keep the game fresh but diversifying the play styles a bit and changing up my upgrade strategies so that my second account can catch up.

Another idea I’m rolling around is eliminating the Ice statues from my main account and going full blown GBE with the two deficient spots. For that to happen, I’m going to need to get some backup Ice statues into storage as I also try to craft another pair of +17% GBE statues.

I might wait a while for that switch to happen since the goal there would be to grind up my LCs to 24 so that I can give a full Scorcher load out a try. Personally, I don’t think all Scorchers will be good because of how much boosting will be required to make proper use of them.

In fact, the more I think about Scorcher use cases, the less value I see in them. It might be that the use case will be having them employed with other troops types. Ideas would be 2 LCs of Scorchers + 6 LCs of tanks (still GBE intensive), 4 LCs of Scorchers + 4 LCs of Bombardiers (which might not be good due to lack of shield and speed of Scorchers vs Bombardiers), 2 LCs of Scorchers + 3 LCs of tanks + 3 LCs of Bombardiers (feels silly), 4 LCs of Scorchers + 4 LCs of Zookas (where Zookas might be too squishy). We’ll have to wait and see if someone masters a new meta for the increased Scorcher capacity.

Now, a more pragmatic use of LC 24 is Cryoneer + Heavy + Bombadier + Medic. Zookas would benefit here as well since they got another slot but Bombardiers are something I would heavily consider because of the distance. Pretty much Rocket Launchers and Shock Launchers would be the main things to GBE down (along with front loaded Boom Cannons and Doom Cannons). But this is a combo that I think might be worth the LC 24 upgrade. To get this benefit you would need 3 LC 24s as the load out would employ 1 LC of Cryoneers, 2 Heavies, 4 Bombardiers and 1 Medic. Not sure what the hero would be. Probably a toss up between Bullit and Kavan. I like the idea of Kavan just for the extra healing.

At any rate, heading into the Mega Crab, I’m pretty excited this time around. There’s a lot of upgrades I’m planning and I feel both accounts are in great positions to take advantage of this event.

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