Boom Beach: Finally Maxed My Main HQ!

Tonight was the last time I would perform a base HQ. I still have hero upgrades but that will take sometime. The main thing is that my primary resources pretty much will be dedicated to harvesting crystals, at least until some new level for HQs come out.

It feels quite an accomplishment to have gotten this far. There are a few things I still would like to do such as maxing out my heroes and building up my defensive statues. Nonetheless, at this stage in the game, I no longer feel much pressure to do the normal daily things like Dr Terror or Imitation Game. That might hurt my crystal generation, but I think I will be slowing down on my main account for a while.

I suppose my main meta will be doing Hammerman on Mondays. That part of the game is pretty tough still with max level defenses just because of the alternating prototype weapons. My usual combo of Doom Cannon and Hot Pot no longer are a thing until the Hot Pot comes back into rotation. It’s quite annoying frankly but I suppose I’ll make due.

My secondary account is slowly moving up as well. I think that it will see less frequent upgrades just because I’m no longer motivated to doing Task Force operation missions any longer. So the diamonds will be harder to obtain. On the other hand, I’ve got a reasonable number of defenses upgraded to max level so the game should coast by every week.

I think the thing that makes me happiest is just less overall involvement. I’ll be able to put my energy into something else rather than worrying about getting my dailies in on one account. Towards the end there, I just was feeling burnt out. I didn’t feel enough of a progress which would get me excited at one point in time.

I know various people complain about not seeing more of an end game meta evolve. But truthfully, it’s not something I really want to see at this point. There’s just other things I would like to do when I get home. But it was a fun ride while it lasted.

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