Should Mark Zuckerberg Be Persecuted for Facebook’s Data Breach?

While Mark Zuckerberg probably has little to do directly with Facebook’s recent data breach, we must ask whether or not the CEO of such a company should be held accountable for such a massive event. In reality, ever since the Enron scandal, publicly traded companies can persecute the CEO and CFO for things like insider trading that causes their shareholders to be mislead and lose significant value. While this area is not exactly the same, we must examine if a company that essentially has data on a good population of the earth should be held to similar standards, especially in this so-called information age.

I feel that the matter is quite serious as the number of records numbered around an estimated 50 million. That’s not a joke in terms of the amount of potential data that has been unleashed into the world. Especially when the people of the world put a great deal of trust into such a service. We do not know exactly what type of data had been mined in this breach but it’s the mere fact that it happened that worries many of us.

The platform is nothing more than a data mining utility that scoops up all the private information. The only difference is that those that still use it now should made aware of the consequences. The decision to allow 3rd parties into our private lives is what adds the so-called value to this platform, which is what makes the people at Facebook wealthy.

Just as the world had helped turn Mark Zuckerberg into a multi-billionaire, the situation demands that he stand trial for this negligence. Also, all the layer of cronies that support this waste dump. At this point, Facebook and Google are two of the most dangerous companies on this planet due to how they effectively act as spy networks for anyone that pays them. This alone should force Zuckerberg to be forced on a world type of trial to answer for his decision making.

And I think people should be harsh against him. I was just reading how he’s AWOL with regards to their data leak control session. This person should be right at the forefront, answering questions, getting drilled and taking the brunt of this PR disaster. But that just goes to show what kind of coward he is.

If it were me in charge of a world government type of situation, I’d have him, the board and all the executives tossed in prison, have their assets frozen then distributed. You need to send a clear message that responsibility must start at the top when it comes to decision making and that those who sign off on a vision for these things must answer for these things.

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