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  • Advice For Computer Science Majors Facing Tough Environment

    Another article I found off of LinkedIn that’s worth me commenting on is “Comp sci majors face tough job market.” Right now, the tech job market is comparable to 2001 where recent graduating students in the engineer related field might be facing stiff competition as major tech companies are laying people off while some companies […]

  • The Future Of The WWE In A Post-Pandemic Digital World

    For a while now, I have concluded that the WWE has not been a pro-wrestling company for some time. Instead, I describe them as a marketing company, specializing in a specific vertical. The problem with the WWE’s vertical has been shrinking for some time and the COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted some hefty punishment that puts […]

  • What It Means To Be A Lead Engineer

    I’ve been in the tech industry for quite a while. Enough where I should be a lot higher than where I am. However, I usually end up in senior/lead roles and I think at this point, I have the experience to share what ends up happening in those roles and how one should handle them.

  • Is A Tech Union in the Works Finally?

    I just saw an article posted on the LA Times regarding the potential unionizing of the game and tech industries. In particular, Campaign to Organize Digital Employees (or CODE) “is a new project of the Communications Workers of America aimed specifically at unionizing video game and tech companies.” This has a lot of implications for […]

  • How Social Media Died For Me

    When social media first came out (friendster, myspace, orkut, hi5, etc.), I was enthralled and wanted to partake in the space. It was at a time when the only manner of making money on the web was through ecommerce. Social media provided a new mechanism that went beyond the shopping cart as a possibility for […]

  • Should We Continue Using the Cloud?

    Silicon Valley season 5 has made me really start rethinking the way of technology in terms of evolution. The internet in it’s inception helped move us away from heavy desktop clients (i.e. the stranglehold Microsoft had on the OS). But as the internet grew heavier, cloud computing became an unstoppable force. Now, with privacy concerns, […]

  • Gripe: The Tech Industry Is Filled With Morons And We Need To Kick Them Out

    There’s a scene from Silicon Valley in season 1 where the character Bighead comments how he just wanted to be an engineer to work on cool things rather than compete for shares against his best friend. It’s a resonating thing for someone like myself who has spent 19 years in this industry. Like Bighead, I […]

  • Facebook and the Battle for Privacy

    With the Facebook data breach comes yet another data breach. The result is that the senate is starting to step in more seriously in pushing Facebook on protection over user privacy. On the outset, it seems as though the government wants to enforce a blanket policy for companies to allow users to own their data […]

  • Should Mark Zuckerberg Be Persecuted for Facebook’s Data Breach?

    While Mark Zuckerberg probably has little to do directly with Facebook’s recent data breach, we must ask whether or not the CEO of such a company should be held accountable for such a massive event. In reality, ever since the Enron scandal, publicly traded companies can persecute the CEO and CFO for things like insider […]

  • The Fall of Social Media

    A few weeks ago I took Instagram off my phone. The number of ads playing had become unbearable to the point where it wasn’t worth keeping around. I still check out the website because I can use an adblocker but I feel that there’s no reason to use the mobile application. But at this stage […]