Facebook and the Battle for Privacy

With the Facebook data breach comes yet another data breach. The result is that the senate is starting to step in more seriously in pushing Facebook on protection over user privacy. On the outset, it seems as though the government wants to enforce a blanket policy for companies to allow users to own their data (with Facebook particularly in mind here). But is there more to this than meets the eye?

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Should Mark Zuckerberg Be Persecuted for Facebook’s Data Breach?

While Mark Zuckerberg probably has little to do directly with Facebook’s recent data breach, we must ask whether or not the CEO of such a company should be held accountable for such a massive event. In reality, ever since the Enron scandal, publicly traded companies can persecute the CEO and CFO for things like insider trading that causes their shareholders to be mislead and lose significant value. While this area is not exactly the same, we must examine if a company that essentially has data on a good population of the earth should be held to similar standards, especially in this so-called information age.

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Why I’m Slowly Moving Away from Social Media

When social media sites like Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, etc. came out, I was ecstatic. As a web developer, I was excited to see a new incarnation of technological possibilities that could help my career. Over time, these platforms devolved from technology solutions and communication platforms to ad-centric spam hosts and spyware for marketing people. Worse yet much of the posts on these platforms have become low quality clickbait and irrelevant posts that no longer provide important updates about my friends.

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Why Instagram Might Be the Best Social Media Platform Around

Social media is almost like a perverse version of The Force from Star Wars in that it, “It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.” Unfortunately, it’s so pervasive and intrusive that it’s become supremely annoying and an opportunity for marketers to continue shoveling their shit into our faces. But most of the large platforms are slowly becoming sheer garbage as they determine ways for having more and more garbage posts that separate what many of us really want: true human interaction with meaning. Thus, between all the social media platforms, I’ve found that Instagram might be the platform that many of us are looking for.

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Facebook’s Long Term Fate

When Facebook started making the rounds and opened themselves up to the public, I was unable to jump on the boat due to some technical issues with cookies. At the time, I was researching all the main social networks in attempting to build my own. With the failure, I pretty much ignored Facebook for a while until a friend of mine mentioned how good it was. That was then and the current product has come a long way…in the wrong direction.

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Combining Livestreaming/Twitch and Social Media

I’ve written several articles on the high level ideas of becoming a Twitch broadcaster and getting into the world of livestreaming for gaming. One thing that I’ve noticed though is that there’s quite a few people who livestream but don’t really understand many of the social media tools out there. They might use systems like Twitter or have Facebook pages, but those exist as barebones links that they add to their profile/channel. Yet they might wonder why exactly aren’t they seeing an explosion of new followers and/or viewers to their channel. What this post will attempt to do is bridge the ideas between social media and using it to grow your channels.

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Movie Review: The Social Network

Although The Social Network has been out for a few years now, I decided to write a review (or perhaps my interpretation) of the movie. I had been meaning to write a piece on The Social Network for sometime now, but either was hampered by time, lack of inspiration or just plain forgot. Also, the fact that the movie has been out for quite a while made me feel that writing a review years after would be somewhat irrelevant. Certainly, there are numbers of movie reviews on this subject, but I wanted to offer my own interpretation of the movie, especially in light of the little post I wrote about Facebook the other day.

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Why Facebook Will No Longer Be As Relevant in 3-5 Years (in its Current State)

I read an article earlier which talked about how many key executives are departing. The article goes on to discuss how Facebook has been slowly losing its luster following the decline after its IPO. With the reports of the NSA spying on Americans as well as how teenagers have slowly been moving away from Facebook to avoid their parents, you have to believe that the long term prospects for Facebook, as it stands, does not look positive.

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