Boom Beach: New Hero Coming and Account Update

Haven’t written about Boom Beach for a while (nor kept this blog up to date due to work) but I saw a new update go out for the next Hero and felt it was time. First, I’ll dive into the Hero and give some thoughts then talk about where I am with this game.

The new hero is Pvt Bullit, essentially a tank of a character. This one has lots of HP, a taunt ability, the ability to ignore damage, regeneration and an AoE stun punch ability. I haven’t tested him out yet but saw a few videos giving me ideas on how to use him. Probably, the most effective usage is a damage absorption character. I’m thinking combinations like warriors and AZ would greatly benefit from the AoE shock ability as well as taunt.

But another combo that looks like a good possibility is Scorchers and maybe Scorcher – Tank. Thus far, I haven’t really seen a good hero that aligns with Scorchers because of range, speed and the ability to keep up with the damage that Scorchers can absorb. Pvt Bullit looks like a good candidate for someone that gets launched ahead of time and can absorb big hits from Boom Cannons or the Shock Blaster while your Scorchers get into range and start demolishing buildings to rebuild your GBE. Obviously, this theory is untested but once I unlock Pvt Bullit, it might become a viable strategy.

As for my progress in the game, I’ve managed to hit another milestone on my secondary account. I had taken a few weeks off from playing my secondary account and decided to switch back a couple of weeks ago. I figured with October coming up, we might be due to another Mega Crab with the Halloween theme. So last night, I finally started the upgrade to HQ 22. I’m also maxing out my Heavies so I’ll be able to have a few good combos ready to go soon.

On my main account, I’m well into lvl 62 and am finishing my last Boom Cannon 16. After that, I’ll probably focus on things like Flamethrowers for a bit as the next major defense that I’ll really push. I’m a bit behind on the Shock Launchers but at level 10, the Iron requirement is a ridiculous 5mil. As a result, I’ve decided to do the Shock Launcher level 10 upgrades as the last thing for my base.

Besides that, I’m finally through upgrading all my heroes and Armory on my main (at least until Pvt Bullit comes out). So all my gold resources now are being used to build up the tribal islands where my last three are at level 3. I still haven’t used a single tribal boost as the useful ones have fallen on bad times or that I needed the resources to continue building up the tribal island levels. But the nice thing is that I can quickly get through NPC bases in a day, especially the more annoying ones.

I really need to upgrade my Radar and unlock the other hidden zones on my alt account. The convenience of being able to destroy NPC bases is huge, especially in avoiding reloading your troops just to beat a base that is difficult for your normal strategy. On a non-boosted day like Hammerman or War Factory this can be huge just because some NPC bases are bigger headaches and require just that extra boost of GBE.

At any rate, one thing I’m looking forward to is maxing out my main account. I’m sure once that’s done I’ll probably just focus on easy operations and my secondary. It will be nice to try different troop combinations. I doubt I’ll be pushing leaderboards or VP except to get the 600vp diamonds achievement. I think if I hit a good spot I might end up ripping out my statue lineup and go Ice. But it’s coming up.

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