Boom Beach: Recent Happenings

It’s been a few months since I wrote up a Boom Beach status blog. Several major updates have occurred for the game after that time but for myself the journey has been just a daily grind on two accounts.

I suppose the big reason why I decided to write this up is because it’s a celebratory post in a few ways in that my main account finally has started the last Landing Craft level 22. That has to be by far the most painful and least rewarding grinds I have ever been through. Although I do not currently plan to utilize the full capacity of the Landing Craft, I felt that it would be one of the hardest grinds to complete, hence the big push.

Of course, when I mentioned that my Landing Craft is now level 22 I also imply that my main account has been at HQ 22 for a small period. Much of the most expensive aspects have been maxed out such as Armory with all the major troops (except Warriors) at max level while Cpt. Everspark and Sgt. Brick are at the top. Since Dr. Kavan is a recent edition, I’m slowly leveling him up on both accounts.

In addition, I’ve managed to nearly unveil the region. I still need one more radar level to see everything but with all my troops mostly upgraded, I’m now able to focus on all the little pieces. In turn, that allows me to use a few Tribes zones for additional resources when it comes time. Most likely during the upcoming week, I’ll be pushing for either a max level radar and/or a level 5 Weapons Lab.

From that point, it’s purely defense. Sure, I still need to get my last level for my Gunboat as well as improve my submarine one more level, but I don’t feel an urgency in the same manner. One level increase of energy really doesn’t feel it’ll make a huge difference in my setup while the last submarine level can be done almost at any time.

The great thing about my position is that I can focus on the pesky defenses without worrying about keeping excess building materials for the really big Landing Craft upgrades. I could even get the extra builder but I think it’s excessive, even at this stage.  At any rate with my main account, it’s great finally seeing everything slowly coming together.

For my alternative account on my Android, I just reached HQ 21 a few weeks ago and started my first LC 21 and began my last Artillery upgrade. I feel less inclined to push on that account as much although the pattern of upgrades will be the same. But that account is getting quite powerful as well. What I found with HQ 21 was mostly getting your armory upgrades leveled and finishing up as many LC 21’s as possible. In between those points, most upgrades are centered around small, cheap defenses and the occasional resource generator.

There was some news item that popped up recently so I’m thinking we may see yet another Mega Crab even soon-ish. It would be great as I can use the event to get a few key upgrades on both accounts. I’ve found these Mega Crab style events to excellent for pushing your Landing Craft and HQ higher as well as troop levels. It’ll be interesting see how my main account will do with all my Landing Craft finally completed.

Overall, I really can’t wait to see how much more it’s going to take for my main account to be maxed out. I think after this weekend, I’ll be a solid level 59 and everything will be just defensive upgrades. I’m sure that bases though will continue to become more difficult and I’ll gradually need to switch troops. My current Grank-Med strategy is beginning to show some severe limitations when it comes to heavily iced bases so finding another troop combination will become paramount soon enough. Luckily, most of my troops are maxed out there so I can begin experimenting with troop combinations that I normally never use.

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