Tech Stories: New Feature and Time Traveling!

So while driving to work today, I started realizing that I simply have way too many stories from working in the tech industry for the past 18+ years. I’ve been musing over how to disperse them in some format. Should I write a story? An autobiography? Snippets to Scott Adams?

Of course, the best answer is obvious: this blog!

Part of the inspiration today came from watching Silicon Valley last night and realizing how Denpak reminded me of a previous coworker. From there, I wished that I could be able to submit stories to Mike Judge just because I have so many of them that could be a whole season in themselves. However, there’s so many things missing that I figured it would be better just to put it here.

So part of it is to avoid getting hung up on exact timelines nor telling every little detail. I wanted a format that would be eventful and possibly involve a lesson that I learned and wanted to share with others. In some cases, it could be me being a distant observer of poor management while other situations might not be me even being at a company. However, they all have some sort of relevance and I think many people might find them fascinating given the chance to find this blog.

Also, because I have so much material, it would be impossible to write everything in a linear manner. Doing an autobiography seems too conceded for someone like myself. But the individual tales that make up situations are much better to tell than going from birth to now.

At any rate, I’m going to affix a Tech Stories prefix to the titles then go into a situation with a possible lesson at the end. Hopefully, people will tune in and receive something profound, if not at the very least be entertained by my viewpoint.

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