Boom Beach: Mega Crab 5th Anniversary

For this Mega Crab, we’re seeing a 5 day special event. That means, you’ll have numerous opportunities to try and top your last score as well as grab some killer loot. You may even want to buy some diamonds for reloading troops and doing instant builds. I’m just going to review what I’ve done thus far.

So this event landed on Imitation Game day which meant some juicy upgrades on Friday. I managed to get 2 Landing Craft upgrades, a Medic upgrade on my main and my last 2 Grenadier upgrades for my main account. At the moment, my main is pushing stage 20 and I’ve switched over from Grank-Med to CHZM just because of the number of Boom Cannons, Cannons and what have you. I might do a major diamond purchase for my main just to get the fast troop reloads as well as doing an instant upgrade for my Grenadiers (even though I switched to CHZM). But the idea here is to start focusing on the next troop down the line.

On my alt account, I got two Landing Craft upgrades and two Grenadier upgrades. I’m around Stage 14 but obviously as an HQ19, I’m somewhat gimped compared to my beefier main account. I ended up buying $20 worth of diamonds mostly to push my Grenadier upgrades a little faster. I don’t know how much further I’ll be able to push on my alt account but the plan is to use the generate attacks to slowly whittle away at the higher levels and collect on the gold rewards since those are pretty juicy.

I haven’t gone ham yet with an all out boost since I did that in the morning on Friday. At this point, with a good 5 days worth of attacks, I feel that it’s better to spread out my attacks and use things like Doctor T events to coordinate between attacks and boosts. On my main, I might go ham again tomorrow since it’s Doctor T again and that I’m close to upgrading another Landing Craft. In that situation, I feel it’ll be worth it as I’ll then have 2 Landing Craft with 4 Grenadiers a piece. Obviously, that’s going to make a pretty big difference as I start looking towards possibly taking on Stage 6 of Doctor T.

If all goes well on my main in terms of planning, I ought to have 6 Landing Crafting at level 20 by the end of this weekend. That’s pretty huge since I’m in the home stretch of reaching level 53 and thus being ready for a HQ21 upgrade. I could just diamond my way there for the most part, but I don’t see a point right now.

Now, I had hoped that for my main I could hit much higher levels. With 5 days total, I probably can grind my way through with using small attacks to slowly beat away at the higher levels. But I suppose I’m disappointed that I haven’t been able to put any upgrades on Scorchers thus far. I’m really itching to use Scorchers. However, I’m just so far off in terms of where they need to be as well as my getting more of my Landing Craft upgraded to the point where a Scank assault would be viable.

My alt account is coming along but it’s just not as fun. Even at HQ19, I feel this is the boring level where your main purpose is to prepare for HQ20 in upgrading your Landing Crafts. I’m glad I’m making headway on some upgrades like my Grenadiers but it’ll take some significant time before I catch up to my main. The Mega Crab does help quite a bit but I was anticipating far higher resource rewards.

One thing I did conclude was that the second Builder still is worthless. I’m still in the mindset that if you have excess resources, it’s better just to rush something to completion. Most of the resources I’m picking up through the Mega Crab are gold and the Builder doesn’t really help with that. So in this case, Diamonds still are far more effective not to mention that you get to immediately use your upgrade.

Now, I did gloss over the new Taunt Tower. Truthfully, I didn’t think these were nearly as bad as the previous Halloween Scary Mortars. The Taunt Towers have very low HP and you can take them out via Artillery if you’ve got that leveled. Mostly, they seem to affect the critters since I tend to blast them free. By the time my troops get to a Taunt Tower, I’ll either have destroyed them or they really won’t pose a huge threat.

At any rate, this event has proven to be quite fruitful. I’m still a bit off overall when it comes to what I want to upgrade but I’m definitely a lot closer to my main goals. My personal hope is that by the end of next week, I’ll have most of my Landing Craft upgraded and then I can start looking towards HQ21 on my main. My alt account is still just too far off and will probably take another month or two before getting to HQ20. Unfortunately, the whole Landing Craft grind on that account will be an ongoing thing. Luckily, I already know what to do so I’ll just go through the motions.

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