Boom Beach: Are Statue Storage Useful for Lower Level Bases?

Statue Storage buildings weren’t initially available when I started playing Boom Beach. About midway through, they made an appearance and at first they seemed like a luxury item due to the high cost. I mean why build one of these when you can work on a Machine Gun, right?

If you could not detect my sardonic tone, then you’re missing the point. Statue Storage buildings are, indeed, very useful as you can put away high end statues that you’re betting on down the road. Perhaps, at the moment, you won’t have immediate need for one or that you’re out of space. Or maybe you’re waiting to get a different upgrade for another statue you are using but managed to craft a decent statue of something else that you want to use for the future. All of these cases are the reason why you want at least a level 1 Statue Storage.

For example, on my secondary account, I recently crafted a +17% GBE statue. Although it can replace my lowest +15% GBE statue, I had recently hit HQ 18, implying that down the line, I’ll have another statue slot opening up. A +15% GBE statue is still quite useful but obviously I don’t want to trash the +17% GBE statue. So the best scenario is for me to just keep it in storage and wait until I get that spare slot open (which hopefully will be soon because it’s one of the highest priority buildings for me).

Similarly, over on my main account, I have a +12% TH statue. It’s not perfect but close enough. In this scenario, I have two options where I can wait to obtain a higher RR MP statue (mine is currently at a lowly 30%) and salvage my guardian RR statue or get to HQ 20 and just plop it down. Either way, the +12% TH statue is still very useful for my troop combination so salvaging it seems like a waste.

Now, I believe I built these around HQ 14-15 for both my bases. They’re very costly at HQ 13 so unless you’re doing it because you have the resources, it’s best to wait until at a slightly higher level, especially when you’re more in need of statue management. Definitely, by HQ 16 you should have one just so that you can save the more valuable statues you stumble across.

Are other statues worth storing? Some people say that you should be using your Statue Storage buildings for keeping high end Ice statues as you make your way to HQ 22. This is very debatable. I think if you had room for a second slot in your Statue Storage unit then it might be a good idea to save any perfectly rolled MP Ice statues. But I prefer getting as much Power Powder as I can.

Is upgrading the Statue Storage worth doing? Looking at the resource cost of a level 2 Statue Storage, it seems that the low cost around HQ 19 maybe attractive just to get some additional XP. Below that level, I think it’s a waste just because you need all your resources for virtually everything else. But the HQ19-20 grind is very painful and gives you enough flexibility to go beyond offensive building upgrades to find your own niche.Overall, the Statue Storage building is useful for holding onto well rolled statues that you can’t use immediately. Early on, this does not have a huge benefit since other buildings probably will compete for the resources. For the midgame and higher, the Statue Storage building becomes a somewhat must-have as you begin to encounter more crystals, more frequent statues and are forced to examine your longer term goals.

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