Boom Beach: Finally Defeated Hammerman 40 and Gearheart 45

It took me a while on my high level account to get to Hammerman 40 and Gearheart 45. Part of my procrastination was to get more of my troops and gunboat offenses up. Another aspect was to avoid getting the 5 VP and push myself too much. However, since this is an all troop at 90% discount weekend, I figured, what the heck? Besides, I had a bunch of boosts going so I think it was time.

As usual, I went with my Grenadiers-Tanks-Medics combo strategy. For Hammerman 40, I nuked the Mortar on the right side, hoping to tag some of the Boom Mines. Unfortunately, I only hit the Mortar and still needed a few artillery shots to take it out. After that, I got rid of the central Boom Cannon and a few of the surrounding cannons before sending my troops in towards the right side. With all the Boom Mines left over, I tried cleaning them up with a few critters but a stray Boom Mine took out my only loss in a Grenadier.

Using some flares, I maneuvered into the right corner so that my troops could take the base out from afar. Once the remaining mortar turned its head towards my troops, I shocked it, although it did manage to get off one shot. But the damage only was against my tank and took out a very small percentage of health. Pretty much it was GG after that as I garnered quite a bit of crystal, making the VP push somewhat worth the effort.

For Gearheart 45, I mostly aimed to take out the Shock Blaster prototype and a few surrounding cannons. Once I did that I smoked my landing and flared to the corner left side and built up GBE by farming boxes. One thing I missed though was not seeing the range of the Doom Cannon which whittled down a few grenadiers and stray medics. I had to re-flare a few times and get rid of the nuisance right side cannons before concentration most of my effort against the base HQ. While I did lose a few troops, the overall effort went well considering most people use Zookas.

Now, with Gearheart 45 cleared, I now have opened up the Gearheart War Factory event. One thing I’m a little skeptical about at this point in time is my troop preference. I think I might have to start leveling Zookas again in order to do full clears. I might be able to get a few reasonable sized sections of this base without Zookas but the defenses seem to favor Smokey-Zooka style assaults. On the other hand, the amount of resources you can get from a clear is a huge incentive, especially as someone focused on pushing his Landing Craft at the moment. Like in my case, there really isn’t anything else worth pushing, at least until hitting HQ 20, so those high end resources look yummy.

On a side note, I’ve managed to clear to Landing Craft at 19 and am working on an 18 for my main account. The new Imitation Game really helped with resources for getting the 19 the other day I’m hoping now with Gearheart cleared, I’ll have even more opportunities to get more resources to level my Landing Craft at a faster rate. I think once I hit around 5 Landing Craft at 19, I might ease up a bit and go for a Radar.

Also, for my secondary account, I just started an HQ 18. This is pretty exciting as I’ve been stuck at 17 for sometime. The game really feels like it opens up once you hit HQ 17 as you get attacked less and have more offense at your disposal. With an HQ 18 around the corner, the big thing is getting another Sculptor level which means an extra statue. If I get lucky, I might get either a solid GBE statue or a TH statue, which would be great for my tanks at that level.

Lastly, my TF just got a new member so I’m starting to do a slightly harder operations. I think I might focus on Venus Fly Trap a bit until a few of my TF members can level a little (as well as my main). The first operation was pretty easy overall but we’ll have to see over the next few days how they go, since for the more difficult operation on that one, my main account was still boosted. But if it proves reasonably easy, I might try the next difficulty level. It’ll be great just to get improved resources. I just wish I could run one more account so that my group has 5 members. It would take some time to build up a 3rd account but I like the progression game.

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