Boom Beach: The Advantages/Disadvantages of Tanks-Grenadiers-Medics Combination

I have two accounts where I’m using the Tanks-Grenadiers-Medics combination. My second account originally was intended to switch towards a Warriors type but I’ve had little to no success with Warriors whereas my Granks/Medics have been my favorite staple so far. What makes this troop combination so good and where are the issues?

Ever since hitting HQ16 on both my accounts, I’ve pretty much been 100% focused on this combination. I made one mistake on my lower account of doing a few upgrades with Warriors whereas I could saved on Gold. But this combination for me allows me to blast through a fair number of scenarios with minimal to no troop loss.

My reasoning for using this combination is that grenadiers are excellent at taking out groups of buildings and mines from affair along while my tanks provide ample defense and single target burst damage. I have a huge pet peeve when it comes to Cannons and Boom Mines, which is why I like the grenadiers so much. Bases which have tons of buildings become GBE food for me. With proper flaring you can take out not just the buildings you’re focused upon, but additional buildings around them. It’s a multiplier type of effect almost like a chain reaction.

Now, this combination can be quite annoying too. A wrong flare can get yourself killed in a variety of ways. For instance, flare too close to a building and you’ll zap yourself. Also, grenadiers are extremely squishy. Not as bad as a Zooka but their moderate health makes it easy for high level defenses to 1-2 shot an underleveled grenadier. Or if you flare too far up near defenses, your grenadiers will outrun your tanks and most likely die while your medics try to catch up.

I suppose one of the worst things about this combination is the raw cost. Upgrading tanks and grenadiers is horribly expensive. Add the necessary medics and you’re looking at mountains of gold farming to get your upgrades going. I know some people refuse to upgrade grenadiers as they prefer keeping them as a low level minesweeper type of troop. This might work for moderate health, close ranged troops like riflemen who can be healed by a group of medics. But with tanks, you will need to keep your grenadiers in parallel.

Of course, the biggest bugger for this troop combo is the accuracy problem. You can easily sit on your ass and wait for a group of grenadiers to finish off a building. Single target only works when you have an equal amount of tanks, especially against the HQ. And if you ever lose your troops, it takes quite a bit of time to reload them.

So if the negatives outweigh the good side, why bother taking them at all? Well, I found that at HQ 16 when you receive the grenadiers, your tanks probably still will be around level 6-8 at best. In many cases, you might find your tanks getting smashes up by regular cannons and sniper towers. This is where the grenadiers help fill in the blanks as they can out range cannons and bombard those cluster of buildings near sniper towers while your tanks shield your troops. Low level tanks are terrible and slow for clearing bigger bases so the basic grenadier fixes that problem while you work on leveling your tanks up. Also, by taking two boats of grenadiers as opposed to tanks, you’re saving on GBE that can be used on artillery or other things.

Sometimes, I’ll see a poorly laid out base where the front row are cannons, flamethrowers and machine guns, all of which are out of range in hitting my grenadiers. If that base is iced and you’re finding problems taking out boom cannons and shock launchers, you could spend the extra GBE on those defenses, then have the grenadiers farm buildings for unleashing your tanks.

I will say that I suspect at higher levels, this combination becomes irrelevant just because of the low damage output compared to compositions that do not require boost like CRZM or smokey zooka. But it’s a great mid range combination that can take you to the lower upper game.



Although many bases have started to use the technique of hiding Boom Mines behind statues, I find it easy to avoid them

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