Boom Beach: PSC Statue or Not?

PSC (Power Stone Chance) statues are an interesting type that I’ve read as being labeled for “advanced strategies.” Are they worth employing in your grouping? Or should you just try them whenever you receive one? Also, when should you boost them? I’ll attempt to answer these questions from my own experience.

The quick answer naturally is “it depends.” For myself, I’ve found PSC statues to be invaluable. I use a Master one on my main account with 65% bonus and a Guardian on my secondary account with only 22%. Now, for my main account, I believe I started to employ the Master one around HQ16-17. Before that, I had managed to accumulate a lot of Powder and in learning about boosting strategies for resources, GBE, etc. I began doing massive assaults against opponents. As a result, I quickly starting to lose my stored up Powder and would hit resource walls because I was boosting too much. As I was attempting to secure a better GBE statue, I stumbled across my PSC and pretty much have kept it as part of my staple.

These days, I boost during Doctor T and the Mega Crab events and mostly just doing my Resource Reward statues and PSC. That cost a valuable 3 Powder but along the way, I generally manage to accumulate enough resources and crystals so that I’m prepared a day or two away from another Master statue shattering to give me another 7 Powder. So the PSC statue on my main account is pretty much a must have just to keep up the crystal generation.

On my secondary account, I only keep the Guardian just to have some level of bonus in attacking bases. I don’t bother boosting this one since the bonus isn’t that great to start. Also, for things like Doctor T Volcano, there’s simply not enough buildings where the bonus would make that huge of a difference for what I can handle at that stage. But I do still receive some additional crystal, more than I would without it. Eventually, once I find a Master PSC, I will replace it down the road.

Early on, you really don’t need the PSC statues since you will be accumulating enough resources for most upgrades. Also, you won’t really need to boost your statues as most bases in the early stages are pretty doable. I would say that you should be aiming for a PSC Master around HQ16-17. That’s when bases begin presenting more of a challenge where you’ll need the powder boost.

I tend to be pretty judicious when it comes to boosting beyond basic resources. If the numbers are too low for the bonus from a statue, it’s just not worth it. Even some Master statues that roll poorly aren’t worth boosting, unless I’m absolutely desperate and feel the need to take out a rough layout.

Overall, the handy thing about having a 4 day boost is that I’m generally getting a fair amount of crystals from Doctor T and NPC base raids. I’ll toss in the occasional poorly setup base and see a few crystals here and there too. So don’t overlook your PSCs.

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