Game of Thrones: The Jon Snow – Cersei Lannister Alliance That Probably Won’t Happen in Season 7

Since Season 7 is being filmed, there’s been various speculations/rumors that have popped up along with actual photos and short clips of people capturing a few key scenes. Over on Reddit, there is someone who claims to have dropped the major plot points (which I deconstructed earlier). A few other sites have picked up on these spoilers and claim that them as potentially being the real deal. Whether or not they come true to me is irrelevant because I want to propose what I feel should be a better plot than what these spoilers entail: the Jon Snow – Cersei Lannister alliance.

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Diablo 3: Tips for Leveling in Season 8 for the Solo Player

Starting from scratch can either be a pain or a lot of fun depending on what your goal is during a new season. I like the idea of a fresh start because you get to try a few new things here and there as well as see the progress of a character with little to no help at all. But for the solo player, what are some good methods for leveling? If you’re looking for a post on reaching 70 super fast, this probably isn’t the best spot for you. On the other hand, if you want some basic tips on getting to 70 and grabbing your Seasonal set in a timely manner, this blog is suited for you.

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Diablo 3: Demon Hunter Marauder Endless Walk Build for Patch 2.4.2

Typically, for Marauders builds these days, you’ll see the M6 pairing with Focus/Restraint (Bastion of Will), Manticore, Wraps of Clarity and a few other key items. While this build is high in damage, it has a few issues in vulnerability when sentries are not up, is resource intensive and slow. So I want to present a slight variation on the M6 build with an emphasis on using the Endless Walk ring/amulet in this alternative build.

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Boom Beach: Low Level Prototype Defense of Choice

Today, I had a very interesting experience where another player attacked me roughly 3 times with troops and maybe a dozen times total (not sure if he was cheating and/or scouting me out). At any rate, his actual attacks failed every single time. Though lower level than me, I could tell that even if he was closer, he would have a very difficult time. Why? One word: The Grappler.

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Baldur’s Gate 2: More Character Mod’ing with EE Keeper

So once again, I decided to try some hacks with EE Keeper. Now, previously, I was able to change the NPCs into classes that were far more interesting than what they were provided. There wasn’t any technical penalties thus far in the game. The next question is whether I could try a few other combinations, especially adding a Kit to a multi-class?

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Diablo 3: The Shadow Mantle Build

Although Season 8’s Haedrig Gift for Demon Hunters will not be the Shadow Mantle set, I decided to goof around a little with this set and see what felt good in trying to come up with a reasonable build. This is by no means a meta build nor is it meant for ultra high Greater Rifts. But the build is something just for fun in case you get bored with other Demon Hunter builds.

Demon Hunter Shadow Mantle Build

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Boom Beach: The (Sluggish) Road to HQ 20

This morning I finally managed to get to XP 47 and acquired enough resources to begin building a HQ 19. I still haven’t finished my goals while I was working towards HQ 19, which was to really push my landing craft. But the opportunity came up and I decided to go for it and use most of HQ 19 to upgrade my landing craft. However, after reading the forums, it sounds like the grind is going to be really painful.

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