World of Warcraft: Another Legendary Cape?

So I finally made some progress on my hunter with regard to the legendary quest. I was caught on the PVP and group quest but my GM and I got together and managed to bypass that aspect (well, actually I went ahead and kept grinding one of the PVP BGs and managed to win). In turn, I’m starting the fun grind of getting exalted with the Prince and getting the 20 Secrets of the Empire.

Surprisingly, the Secrets of the Empire are coming reasonably quick. I think I managed to collect 8 with 5 of the LFRs. I just need to do Wing 2 for Siege of Orgrimmar to see if I can pick up a few more. If I’m supremely fortunate, I’ll be able to get the 4 possible ones left from the bosses, but I’m not holding my breath. Either way, I estimate that this process will take at least another week or two not to mention mindlessly hacking up bodies on the Isle of Thunder.

Fortunately, once I finish up the Secrets and reputation grind, I should be prepared for the scenario for the Thunder Forge. My hunter is doing some pretty good DPS so I’m thinking that I might be able to outgear it as well as the challenge. Probably by the time I have enough Secrets and Runes, I might even be way overgeared, given if I can continue doing Flex on my hunter. Maybe by then I’ll have the four piece set from Flex along with the BoA weapon from Garrosh.

I haven’t seen the ranged DPS challenge though so I’ll have to research how that fight plays out. All I know is that my retribution paladin did really well for the melee challenge. This has motivated me a bit in wanting to pursue a few more people for the legendary cloak. At the very least, I’d like to add my shaman, priest and death knight to that list. I might even try it on my warlock as I saw another warlock easily handle the ranged challenge. The only part that sucks is that it will take a fair amount of time before I can get these guys at that level. In the impossible world, I’d just get everyone a cloak, but I think that would be far too time consuming.

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