World of Warcraft: Pre-Throne of Thunder Raids Loot System Broken After Patch 5.3?

I noticed something once patch 5.3 came in: the loot drop rate feels like they’re back before patch 5.2. I don’t know if Blizzard has bothered testing whether or not the loot drop rate is still at the new level but it’s pretty bad again. Hopefully, enough players will complain to Blizzard because I’m seeing very poor results. Either that or Blizzard bate and switched most of us after the first week or so when the drop rate fix was in place. Since there’s no way of seeing how the rolls are handled, it’s impossible to accuse Blizzard of cheating (which is what I feel is going on to get more people to play).

That said, I still advocate some sort of icon to indicate the bad luck streak buff. At least it would indicate to us our increased chances. Right now, there’s no way of seeing how bad we’re performing. Having that icon would help a great deal and put a little more faith into this mysteriously bad loot system.

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