World of Warcraft: How I Plan to Gear My Druid from Boomkin to Feral and Other Gearing Thoughts

My druid is pretty decently geared as a boomkin. Having just won one of the Sha Touched weapons and some tier gloves, she’s pretty much ready to go for the new LFR. However, there are times when I just simply prefer to play her as feral. However, I haven’t spent as much time on that side by comparison. She does have a decent weapon and a few items here and there to go as feral but it’s still pretty underwhelming.

That all said, do I go through the same painful process of gearing once again? In short, no. Since LFR drops gear according to your spec, I simply will switch specs and use my feral gear to compensate.  Since people are outgearing Mogu’shan vaults and pretty much doing well at it, I could easily get into part 1 and 2 in an attempt to pick up some spare gear. I think once she has enough pieces, I’ll start doing more dailies as a feral and see if I can pick up some elder charms for extra rolls here and there.

I’m looking forward to switching though. Boomkin just hasn’t been all that fun for me. The only thing I’ve liked as a boomkin is her channeled AoE ability. However, even with 480 ilvl gear, I’m finding my DPS lacking, especially in heavy movement fights. Also, in looking at the DPS meters, it seems that feral is pulling ahead. Although the rotation for feral can be confusing and difficult with the energy regeneration issues, it simply might be better overall to make the switch and then use the boomkin spec on the side.

The great thing is that as a boomkin, I really don’t need anything from Mogu’shan vaults anymore except maybe an offhand or trinket. But that’s really not important at this stage. I suppose if I manage to acquire enough pieces, I might even try Heart of Fear part 1 and see if I can pick up anything as a feral.

As I continue to hit the older LFRs and receive occasional loot, the thing that I’m thinking is that it might be better if I spend more effort building my toons up via leveling and working on older content rather than the more current LFRs. The wait times are still pretty atrocious with the new Throne of Thunder wing released today and the loot drop rate is going to be pretty bad even with the re-roll opportunities. However, when the next raid tier comes out, I’m certain that the Throne of Thunder raid will improve the loot drop rate. If that’s the case, why not just horde tokens until the next tier is released?

Anyway, I might give the new LFR another try this week. I still have to push three of my guys through the first one. So that should give me plenty of practice as I bring up more toons.


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