World of Warcraft: Moving on Up!

Finally, I managed to have my death knight hit level 85 today. That’s my second 85 next to my paladin. I’ve halted questing temporarily in the Twilight Highlands and will start having him focus on mining ore. That will allow my paladin eventually to ditch his mining and switch to enchanting down the road. Along with that, my death knight’s jewelry crafting skill is nearly maxed out and will take about 5 more days to reach the limit. I’ll probably use the time in between to grab more ore so that I have enough materials as I do dailies.

In the meantime, I’ve started to work on my shaman again. He’s important as he possesses fairly high level tailoring and enchanting skills. My goal is to get him to at least level 65 as quickly as possible so I can continue to work on those two skills, particularly tailoring as it’ll provide for larger bags. Of course, I hope to continue with my druid sometime too since she’s focused on Inscription. I’m trying to make it a point not to spend much money when possible and instead be self-sufficient, thereby avoiding the auction house for things like glyphs, bags, and other equipment that I can make myself (epics are a different story altogether).

Sometime cool I discovered was Tol Borad. I had my paladin do the dailies there and even the BG. Very fun zerg fest style BG. After scoring some honor, I learned that I can convert it to justice points. This works out nicely as I can buy the higher level superior items and get item level 346 for any remaining gear. In the future then, I’ll might be able to do some raids.

In addition, I moved my hunter from my old server over finally. I’ll probably get rid of my troll hunter and draeni paladin. Then I can create my last two missing classes in the warrior and priest. Not a big fan of either class, but I simply want all classes maxed out eventually. By then I should have all professions and then some. I have no idea what to do when I max out my professions. Maybe just take some gathering classes.

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