Diablo 3: Challenge Rift Down; Season 30 Progresses

Found out late tonight that the Challenge Rift was a gimped version of the GoD build. While the build itself wasn’t optimized (man, I want to punch out whoever put that together!), the actual Challenge Rift wasn’t that bad. So I decided to give it a shot as it’s pretty hard to go wrong on the GoD DH build.

My clear ended up being less than 3 minutes. Can’t recall what the time to beat was but I wasn’t paying attention. The only “optimizations” you can do is move skills around the bar. For some reason, the person places Strafe on the “4” key rather than right click so that was really dumb. Anyone who’s used to channeling skills (especially spin-to-win) type of play styles, then this setup was annoying. Also, I kept Vengeance on that position since it’s a long cooldown. Also, this guy used both Vault and Shadow Power (I think) and had some ability that would cast one from an item. Needless to say, I had to do some rearranging especially because floor one was one of those high damage areas.

Now, that’s out of the way, I started progressing my Altar again. The big thing blocking me at the moment is re-collecting a variety of set gear. I ended up shredding a bunch of stuff in my desperate attempt at rerolling some items where I just needed a ton of Forgotten Souls. Figuring that the next Challenge Rift could’ve been a shit show, I ended up sacrificing my DH sets that weren’t ancient. Right now, I believe I’m one piece down (the Unhallowed Essence build) so I’m still on the hunt for that.

Beyond that, the other thing that was a little annoying was crafting an Ancient Hellfire Amulet. I shouldn’t say annoying but I just ran out of mats and had to farm some keys. I think the other two big ones that are going to be super annoying are the Ancient Puzzle Ring (haven’t found one yet; probably will just do a reroll at some point) and the Echoing Nightmare one. The Echoing Nightmare shouldn’t be bad because I augmented a lot of my gear and have my gems at level 100. With the Soul Shards and Altar giving me a boost in power, I’m sure that it won’t be too difficult to handle. I’ve done it on PTR and in other instances so I should be able to clear the 125 key one.

Also, I pushed my Monk up. I managed to get some gear to do both Innas and Patterns of Justice. I might just use my DH to level up my Monk’s Taeguk gem while searching for the last UE piece. In parallel, I’ve been gearing up my Wizard with Tal Rasha’s. I managed to finally get an ancient head piece and augmented that pretty quick. Next, I’m going after her chest piece. Alternatively, I could just try to get some better gloves on my DH since I’m still using some normal ones and/or better Depth Diggers.

Outside of that, I’m in pretty good shape. I could do a Crusader soonish. Still finding Crusader gear. Just don’t have the motivation at the moment to roll one. Same thing with a Necromancer. I’m only thinking of doing a Necromancer once my Altar is complete so I can do the rest of the season journey. Otherwise, I’m not sure if I want to play Necromancer outside of the fact that I have a ton of spare gear.

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