Lost Ark: 3rd Punika Character Done

I started late again and did my usual routine. I missed the Adventure Island which sucked and got lazy with regards to my Guardian Raid quest. However, I made some very good progress on various characters, particularly my Gunlancer who now is at the same ilvl as my Sorceress.

I was dreading doing my Gunlancer for Punika but it actually turned out to be very easy. The usual suspect bosses were terrible but not horribly offensive. The stupid clown boss was easier than I realized and only the puppet master boss and Albion to a lesser degree were annoying. The rest flowed smoothly which is why paying the 2k gold is a complete waste. You really just need to sit down and do this one because the vast majority of the quests is just listening to the unbearable dialog and skipping through all the cut scenes. But I figure that Punika was meant as a break after going through the earlier content, some of which just felt super depressing and moody.

But I bought out most of the chicken event vendor honing stuff for my Gunlancer so that he could push all the way up to the 3rd level of Punika’s Chaos Dungeons. From there I began collecting his Tripod gear and other items. So he’s just missing an epic helmet but otherwise he’s in pretty good shape. I might actually try pushing him even more if I can get more gold just because he’s a ton of fun to play and I’d like to get him to the 4th level of Punika’s Chaos Dungeons, which will eventually require ilvl 1340.

With him complete, there’s not as much pressure to play him sadly except for doing dailies and his Chaos Dungeons. On the other hand, he can do more trivial Guardian Raids to help gear out my remaining tier 1 people along with my Sorceress and Artillerist. I might even give him a try on tier 2 lower raids just to see how he fares since he can probably trivialize some mechanics with his shields.

So the next character I’m going to set through the ringer will either be my Paladin or Gunslinger. My Gunslinger is probably the better choice just because the more people in tier 3 the better. But my Paladin is jammed until he can get through Yorn. So again, I need to do a full round later today and see if I can obtain my Una Token gold to see if I’ll be able to knowledge transfer more characters. If anything, I might just bite the bullet and pick someone else to progress.

I played my Shadowhunter a bit and she’s in the “I really just don’t care” phase. She hit ilvl 1060 but the progress is slow since I had been focused on pushing my Gunlancer. But my Shadowhunter will be the next person I need to move to Punika. I will say that I really don’t like the nerf to Howl. It does come off of cooldown a bit faster but it doesn’t feel right because previously you could just nuke groups down in Chaos Dungeons. Now, you hit them hard but they knock back so you can’t really group them up as easily to zap them down fast. I really think that aspect was a huge mistake. But what can you expect from an outlaw, mudshow, indy-rific wannabe gaming company?

My Berserker and Deathblade are about neck and neck with regards to progression. I kinda want to just push one of them through Rohendel just because it’s really not that hard. Just annoying as usual. And I want to save on gold. My Berserker might make for a good candidate just because he still does tremendous damage. The Deathblade might be annoying to run through Rohendel but again all this depends on how much gold I can make through this week’s Una’s.

The one character I’m pushing harder than I expected is my Glavier. She might be slightly ahead of my Scrapper in getting to Feiton. But I really enjoy playing her. My Scrapper is improving too. I think a lot of that is really getting better gems and improving her gear. But her rotation makes more sense to me in Chaos Dungeons. I think as long as I’m not against mobs that knock her down she’s fine.

Going back to my Gunlancer a bit, one thing I wanted to see once he got some of the tier 3 gear was checking out his appearance. Thus far, I’ve kept him as a pink dinosaur which makes him look super ridiculous. In fact, it feels more fitting in Punika when he’s paired up with the Sailor Moon wannabe girls as its so over the top. Quite honestly, the armor is okay looking, a bit generic in my view so I put the pink dinosaur outfit back on. I almost wish the little mouth section was closed just so that we didn’t have to see the character’s ugly face. The outfit is so much better for a game like this.

I guess the good thing about my Gunlancer moving to Punika and tier 3 gear is that I can slowly donate my tier 2 gems to other characters. I had managed to get a few to level 5 or so. With a few reforges, I’m sure characters like my Scrapper, who probably desperately need better cooldowns or damage, could really use them.

Lastly, I shouldn’t be lazy about certain content like Boss Rushes. I’m just not a big fan of group play when I don’t know the other people. Yet from what I understand, Boss Rushes are pretty easy and provide good mats so I probably should give that a shot. The same goes for Abyss Dungeons because I need a way to generate gold rather than just relying on Una’s.

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