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The New Plan (For World of Warcraft)

So I guess my plan of staying away didn’t really pan out. But I managed to get my mage ready for the Hour of Twilight instances. In the meantime, I’ve been helping a friend gear up his Paladin by taking one of my better DPS geared toons and running with him. The idea is that by covering his DPS and going as a group, there’s less of a chance that he gets kicked. In turn, when his Paladin gets better gear, I’ll be able to run with him on my lesser geared toons. Or perhaps do an exchange where his warrior can tank on my behalf of my mage. Usually, around the ilvl 370 mark, you don’t have to worry so much about getting kicked in the Hour of Twilight instances. More than that, you can start hitting Looking for Raid at the 372 mark. If you’re lucky, you might be able to pick up a piece of gear.

Unlike previous 85s, I managed to accumulate some justice points on my mage. As a result, I picked up a few ilvl 378 items on top of crafting and buying epics. I just need to run through the three instances once. You’re pretty much guaranteed about 3 epics. In my case, I can fudge it slightly because there’s a couple of questing cloth items and an off hand that my mage can use while attempting to pick up loot. Hopefully, she’ll be able to find a few more useful ones along the way before attempting to tackle LFR.

For now, I think I’m going to concentrate mainly on gearing my druid, warlock and mage. I might go back to my warrior and others. But I feel that I’m maxing out on those guys. Once those guys start hitting higher levels of gear, I’ll probably finish up by working on my rogue and priest. Can’t wait to start playing my mage on the HoT instances though.

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