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  • Lego 60004 Fire Station Review

    As a long time fire station Lego collector, I’ve seen them all and I think I might have virtually every Lego fire station in existence. So imagine how pumped up I was in seeing this 2013’s newest edition: 60004. Entitled simply “Fire Station”, 60004 quite possibly is the most epic Lego fire station ever made. […]

  • Lego City 60002 and 60003 Review

    In my next set of reviews of sets I recently purchased, we have two new Lego City fire sets in 60002 and 60003. Anyone who has known me since my childhood realizes that I’ve been a big Lego fire nut. My second major set in my life was Engine Company No 1, which set off […]

  • Lego 70705 Review

    I decided to bite the bullet today and pick up a few Lego sets at Target. The first one I built was 70705 from the new series Galaxy Squad called “Bug Obliterator.” The set is actually three vehicles where one can be combined from the two Galaxy Squad sections and the other is a wasp-like […]

  • World of Warcraft: Quick 5.0.4 Impressions

    I managed to give the 5.0.4 patch a spin tonight. Most of it was attempting to adjust my talents and figure out how to maximize the glyphs that were still available on my toons. I have to say that the talents and glyphs are practically useless. Talents overall seem more geared towards PVPers while glyphs […]

  • Shadow Priest Now is Level 82

    I pushed right through Northrend this past week in trying to hit 85 before the expansion comes out. At the moment, I managed to hit level 82 on my Shadow Priest and am about to start the Deepholme quest chain. Once I hit level 85, it will mark my 10th level 85, giving me the […]

  • Watched Idiocracy

    Once again Mike Judge’s social acumen on stupid rings true in this movie. While not the funniest movie nor even being that funny of a movie, the social criticism in this movie is what made me fascinated. Essentially, Mike Judge is arguing that as a species humans are becoming dumber. While we are advancing elements […]