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  • How Disallowing Remote Work In A Post-Pandemic World Will Be The Measuring Stick of Company Culture

    A friend of mine posted an Instagram story about how a manager justifying his position through the removal of remote work. Half-jokingly, I remarked about how the image reminded me of a meme of a shared manager we had in the past. Yet the post aimed to demonstrate an implied lack of empathy that middle […]

  • What It Means To Be A Lead Engineer

    I’ve been in the tech industry for quite a while. Enough where I should be a lot higher than where I am. However, I usually end up in senior/lead roles and I think at this point, I have the experience to share what ends up happening in those roles and how one should handle them.

  • Why Tech Companies Should Offer Remote As A Default Option

    Although there is a trend for tech companies offering remote working conditions, a great deal do not. This is pretty silly since most tech companies are on a 24/7 environment (especially those operating on the web) and the fact that technologies have caught up to allow for collaborative environments without requiring physical and central locations. […]

  • Work: Paying Higher For Positions and Demanding Smarter People

    There’s this problem in the job market where employers want to get away with murder in terms of paying people as low as they can. The end result is that for certain type of jobs, you create a sort of vacuum in terms of intelligence just due to their nature (e.g. airport security, customer service, […]

  • Real Life Bill Lumbergh Types

    If you’ve never seen the movie Office Space and you’re a tech worker, do yourself a huge favor and find a copy asap. The thing about this movie is how Mike Judge manages to create a movie about the “colorful” types of cast you often meet inside a white collared job situation. One of the […]

  • Tech Stories: The Rich Boy Contractor Who Did No Work

    After the race parts company, I ended up doing some contract work for a person search site. This was probably around the height of the dot com boom in terms of how much money was floating around and companies were in no slow down of finding people to flood their ranks with the enormous competition […]

  • Tech Stories: You Know Computer Science Therefore You Know Linux

    One of the first jobs I worked where I was trying to build up my resume was a small chop-shop over in Mission Viejo editing simple HTML for an online document system. It was my first “real” job outside of college where I would get to sink my teeth into doing something semi-related with the […]

  • Tech Stories: Stay Focused in Your Interviews

    After graduating college, I was idealistic with big hopes and dreams. The problem when you’re a big dreamer with high hopes from life is that you easily can get all of that crushed by the harsh reality of moving out of the academic environment that has been so neatly organized for you into the more […]

  • Open Offices and How They Ruin the Workplace

    Just saw an article about the detrimental effects of the open office that has become popularized in recent years. I’ve been dealing with open offices for some time now since roughly 2009 (I worked in one Japanese office). Here, I want to share my evaluation of them and where they belong (or not).

  • Rant: How Most Companies Screw Up Technical Interviews

    I often hear statistics such as how there’s this huge gap in terms of the talent pool for technology jobs in the states. The result is that companies have supposedly been forced to offshore to go for talent. Yet I question whether the actual talent pool is shallow or that the interview processes are skewed, […]