Work: Paying Higher For Positions and Demanding Smarter People

There’s this problem in the job market where employers want to get away with murder in terms of paying people as low as they can. The end result is that for certain type of jobs, you create a sort of vacuum in terms of intelligence just due to their nature (e.g. airport security, customer service, etc.) The end result in my view is that the quality aspect still remains poor and customers remain resentful. So nothing really improves. What if we change this premise?

I had a thought where if you increase the qualifications for these so-called menial jobs as well as improve the pay rates, you would end up with better customer satisfaction. For instance, I recall reading how Trader Joes and CostCo (I believe) have higher salaries with better benefits. I know when I go to Trader Joes, the people working the cash register are pleasant and motivated. Even if I don’t always go there, I know that my experience each time will be good at the very least.

Now, imagine if we apply this as a standard across the industry. I think part of what will happen is that there won’t be something that essentially is a pit where bottom feeders know they can survive. There will be a forced necessity to increase the quality of people leaving schools so that those entering the job force at any position would require a certain level of education and ability.

Think about it this way. Imagine if those situations where police officers are said to be brutalizing a citizen did not occur because these people had the ability to critically think as opposed to be indoctrinated by a system that encourages absolute obedience (in taking away ones humanity). Maybe they could stop to think more quickly about the consequences as opposed to instinctively reacting.

The same could be said for the TSA. You hear some of the most ridiculous searches and situations where someone with a modicum of common sense might know to create an exception. And if that allows for a terrorist attack, having more smarter people might eventually foil the attack. I know in other countries, they have better ways of sniffing out potential terrorists rather than blunt searches that really aren’t effective outside of pissing off customers.

I think a huge issue in the world is just a lack of critical thinking. Society allows and even encourages the inability to think out of a situation. Instead, people are taught not how to deal with problems but how to pass it on to someone else. Part of it is for business reasons. But in my estimation that doesn’t last since those places that encourage these types of environments eventually have things catch up.

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