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  • AEW Dynamite Grand Slam 9/21/2022 Review

    Once again, AEW arrived at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens New York. Recently, after the CM Punk incident, I’ve been reluctant to perform any reviews on AEW’s shows as I’ve felt that they’ve mostly been subpar and my interest has gradually tanked. That said, I did think this was a show worth writing about […]

  • AEW Post All-Out Drama With CM Punk, The Bucks and Kenny Omega

    Sadly, by all accounts, this situation is turning a lot more real than I had originally imagined. Reports are saying that a bad fight happened when the Bucks stormed into Punk’s locker room and the two engaged in a brawl with Punk hitting one of the Bucks (Matt Jackson I believe) and Ace Steel throwing […]

  • AEW All Out Out 2022 PPV Review

    Recently, I decided to curb my reveiws of AEW’s shows just because they’ve been a mixed bag and the direction has been quite erratic. While I will address the post media scrum later on in this review, I decided to run down the show along with their pre-show. It’s a long one so I’ll try […]

  • AEW Dynamite Quake By The Lake 8/10/2022 Review

    The last few weeks of AEW have been quite wretched. I wasn’t all that interested in tonight’s show with the exception of one match. But the first thign I noticed was that the show was at a pretty decent sized arena where it was broadcast from the Target Center in Minneapolis, MI. The Target Center […]

  • AEW Dynamite Fight for the Fallen 7/27/2022 Review

    AEW Dynamite was broadcast from the DCU Center in Worcester, MA. After last week’s fiasco of a show, the announcement of Bryan Danielson’s return felt like a warm welcome but my expectations in general for the AEW product has been pretty low. Quite honestly, I’m far more interested in the coming months of the WWE […]

  • WWE: Vince McMahon Jr Retires at 77 Years of Age

    Anyone who grew up with the WWF(E) and had been following it for decades like myself will have been in shock at Vince McMahon’s announcement over his retirement yesterday. Quite honestly, this might be the biggest news in the pro-wrestling for at least a decade and maybe more as Vince pretty much was one of […]

  • AEW Dynamite 7/6/2022 Review

    From the Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial in Rochester, NY, we have AEW Dynamite for 7/6/2022. Quite honestly, I severely dreaded writing anything because virtually the whole show was unwatchable except a single segment. But I figured I might as well write something down because I doubt few people online are going to […]

  • AEW Dynamite 6/29/2022 Review

    From the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit Michigan, this was a special Dynamite in that it was themed Blood & Guts for the War Games-like cage match for the actual main event of the show. Much of the show had a different vibe from a normal AEW Dynamite as the real reason to have watched […]

  • AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door PPV 6/26/2022

    Live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. This was a new PPV introduced into the mix of AEW PPVs but with the added element of being a true cross-promotional event where they teamed up with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. While to some the idea of an actual cross promotional event between two of the biggest […]

  • Sasha Banks and Naomi/Trinity Fatu Situation

    One of the more interesting things that happened in the past few weeks was how Sasha Banks/Naomi (Trinity Fatu) allegedly walked out of the WWE after a producer blew up at them and various other dramatic things happened behind the scenes, leading to an almost Bret Hart level desecration of their reputation on one of […]