Alien: The Brett Egg Controversy

If there’s a movie that has the most controversial deleted scene in the history of cinema, it’s possibly Alien with the cocoon lair. What makes the scene controversial is that it resolves a major missing piece in the puzzle of the alien biology that only hardcore fans have cared about. At the same time, without it, James Cameron was able to produce a follow up movie that expanded upon the creature’s life cycle by introducing the concept of a hive queen. Nevertheless, in having two distinct situations, the canon of the alien has split into at least two camps.

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Avengers Infinity War: How the Good Guys Fucked Up

Avengers Infinity War was an interesting super hero movie in that it left the audience shocked at the end when so many characters had “died.” I’ve read reviews connecting the ending to Empire Strikes Back (although I think they took their oomph from Game of Thrones like virtually every TV show and movie these days). But if you really examine the movie, one thing you need to see is how the ending came about. In reality, it’s a series of fuck ups by the so-called heroes in failing to prevent Thanos from achieving his goals. This post reviews those actions and shows which characters should be accountable for what.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Episode 8 Review

Yeah, this is another late review by me but I finally managed to watch The Last Jedi. Felt more like the Last Star Wars that ought to be created just because it was quite bad for the most part. As someone who grew up with Star Wars, it just breaks my heart as the quality of the series has plummeted. There was some redemption with Rogue One but the combination of Disney and a senile Lucas still maintaining a certain level of control has turned this beloved franchise into vomit dookie.

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Suicide Squad Movie Review

I saw various warnings about this movie. There was quite a bit of anticipation for it as the DC universe with Hollywood seemed to want to redeem itself after the heavily panned Superman vs Batman flick. And even with the criticisms towards this movie, I did read that a few performances were well handled. So how did Suicide Squad fare in the Keith rating system?

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Working Girl Movie Review

This movie popped up on Netflix and having both Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver (as well as a brief showing by my favorite actor, Kevin Spacey), it pretty much became a must-see movie for me. I did read a few summaries and the general consensus made it seem as though this movie would be fairly interesting. However, I have other feelings for this movie that I would like to share.

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Shaw Brothers Blood Brothers Kung Fu Movie Review

This movie pretty much is the power trio of David Chiang, Chen Kuan-Tai and Ti Lung in their prime with Chang Cheh really coming into his own. It’s a historical/period piece focused on the rise and fall of Ma Hsin I, played by Ti Lung. It’s done as a retrospective where Chang Wen Hsiang, David Chiang goes to court on his own to confess his crime of slaying Ma Hsin I.

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Shaw Brothers Vengeance Kung Fu Movie Review

As a young child, I often watched the old Black Belt theater on channel 11 out here. At the time, I didn’t know them by name, but I would watch Shaw Brothers martial arts movies on Saturday afternoons and later switch to Kung Fu theater on channel 9 later in the evening. However, the Shaw Brothers movies always felt crisper and better produced. Before that though, I remember seeing a very old movie that I did not know the name at the time in which my parents rented. It was very memorable as a child for a single scene that was embedded into my memory for years. Only the other day, I was able to re-discover the exact movie we rented: Vengeance.

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