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  • Aliens: The Perfect Movie or Inherently Flawed?

    Every year, I watch the classic James Cameron movie Aliens as a sort of nod towards reminding myself why I got into creative writing in the first place. Also, it’s simply one of the best movies of all time and possibly my favorite. However, on this viewing, a few things stuck out to me that […]

  • Disney’s The Black Hole: Movie Review

    This probably is my biggest guilty pleasure of a movie. While Star Wars was the cool film to love as a kid of the 80s, The Black Hole was something people ignored or ridiculed mostly denigrating it as a Star Wars knock off. The accusations were well deserved as the movie itself in retrospect did […]

  • Shaw Brothers The Shaolin Temple Movie Review

    I haven’t done one of these in a while but recently re-watched The Shaolin Temple online. It’s one of my favorite Shaw Brothers classic movies, even though, in truth, it really wasn’t a great movie. The key thing about this movie was the all star cast, which features almost all the top names under the […]

  • Alien: Brett Cocoon vs Brett Egg

    Recently, I ran across a video showing rare footage of HR Giger painting a prop of Brett in a cocoon. The description of the video made it sound gruesome in terms of the cocoon being more hideous. Turns out it was the same cocoon from HR Giger’s Alien book.

  • Alien: More Pondering About The Infamous Cocoon/Egg Scene

    With my HBOMax about to expire and Alien soon to be taken off their list, I decided to watch (or listen actually) to Alien the Directors cut one more time tonight. While I love the movie overall, I’ve been both mystified and ambivalent towards the cocoon/egg scene that’s included in the Director’s Cut. It’s a […]

  • Wonder Woman 1984: Review

    Finally, after the much awaited hype, Wonder Woman 1984 (WW84) was released today to limited theater screenings (on XMAS????) and HBO Max. Luckily, I have been saving my HBO Max for some time and decided to give myself a late night Christmas watching.

  • Shaw Brothers Marco Polo Movie Review

    Just re-watched the Shaw Brothers Marco Polo movie for the umpteenth time and it never fails to entertain. Around this period, the Shaw Brothers had Chang Cheh spearheading many of the classics and this was no exception. This movie served as a vehicle for pushing the Lizard, Kuo Chui, into the spotlight while acting as […]

  • Shaw Brothers Five Shaolin Masters Movie Review

    I haven’t done one of these Shaw Brothers movie reviews in a while and decided to write about my favorite Shaw Brothers movie of all time: The Five Shaolin Masters. While I had seen other Shaw Brothers pictures prior to this one, of them all, this movie made the most impact on me. I probably […]

  • Avengers Endgame: Long Overdue Movie Review

    I know Avengers Endgame has been out for quite some time, but due to time constraints, I never really sat down to write up a review. Since it came out on iTunes, I’ve re-watched it along with the bulk of the Avengers related movies a few times to get an overall feeling of how the […]

  • Alien: The Brett Egg Controversy

    If there’s a movie that has the most controversial deleted scene in the history of cinema, it’s possibly Alien with the cocoon lair. What makes the scene controversial is that it resolves a major missing piece in the puzzle of the alien biology that only hardcore fans have cared about. At the same time, without […]