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  • The Future of Content Creation

    There’s a huge war between Hollywood/the music industry and Silicon Valley going on. The war mostly is over the problems of distribution and cost, although the MPAA/RIAA lawyers are branding this an issue over intellectual property (it’s really assets because you can’t call Justin Bieber or Britney Spears anything related to intelligence). Generally, the MPAA/RIAA’s […]

  • Why I Hate Dating

    Dating is the most illogical thing in the world. It’s even more illogical than a Google interview but it shares the same lines of thinking. The thing about dating is that it’s really a game of chance where you’re attempting to assess the other person and get a better feeling for what they’re about and […]

  • The Generation War

    Right now, there’s a huge war going on, but it’s not a physical one being waged. It really isn’t class structure either, although part of it involves classes. The war being waged is a generation one where there’s a lot of older views that are conflicting with the way the world is evolving. This isn’t […]

  • Should I Bother Anymore?

    I always tried my best to keep in contact with my friends in Japan. I understand that people are busy and many might have difficulty responding to me as a result of the language barrier. However, there are those that I think I’ve tried too hard and that they either lost interest in me in […]

  • An Interesting Thought About Death

    A friend from college once asked me some psychological questions that eventually led to the conclusion of what I perceived death would look like. After I learned the intent of her inquisition, I refined the answer about what death would look like. My vision was more or less like what Gandalf described in Peter Jackson’s […]

  • Conspiracy Theory Related to Food, Exercise and Productivity

    I’ve been working out again recently, but I haven’t done a great job of losing weight. Part of it is my eating habits, which admittedly are pretty poor. But I’ve developed poor eating habits as a result of never having good guidance as a child and then later turning to fast food during my adolescence. […]

  • Clean Slate

    Lately, I’ve been mentally just non-existent. I’ve been having severe feelings or rather the lack thereof. My life has been a void when I’m not at work. At work, I have somewhat of a purpose. At home, I feel like an empty shell with no direction. Part of me wants a clean slate. The new […]

  • My Remaining Reasons to Get Married

    I’m truly ambivalent of being in a relationship and single at different times. Being single is great on the one hand for me because I don’t have any obligations to anyone except myself. I’m so used to being alone that I’ve kinda given up on the thought of getting into a relationship again. I mean, […]

  • How the World May End

    There was a really cool video shown from NASA about the sun having a monstrous solar flare today. While supposedly we were lucky in being out of harms way, one has to wonder if our luck will run out some day. Of course, considering recent talk about the so-called end of the world predictions, seeing […]

  • Rapture on 5/21/2011 for Me: Reina Miyauchi from MAX Gets Married 🙁

    For the average person on this earth, Rapture (aka 5/21/2011) was a rather uneventful day. People went on their business or were awaiting for a cataclysmic event to occur. There certainly was an eruption from a volcano in Iceland, but it only affected a small section of the world. However, for one small person (i.e. […]