The Future of Content Creation

There’s a huge war between Hollywood/the music industry and Silicon Valley going on. The war mostly is over the problems of distribution and cost, although the MPAA/RIAA lawyers are branding this an issue over intellectual property (it’s really assets because you can’t call Justin Bieber or Britney Spears anything related to intelligence). Generally, the MPAA/RIAA’s sob story over piracy is that if people don’t pay (exorbitant prices) for their content, then they won’t be able to create more content.

However, despite their coked up delusional whine with cheese spin, the bigger issue I see is whether people will continue to demand recycled content. Let’s be honest about Hollywood and the music industry: what original things have they truly created that hasn’t been a remake or a delta in recent years? The really high quality content, imo, (and I do not refer to budget as equaling quality in this equation) is being created by independents, who lack the big marketing dollars, production value and distribution networks to compete on Hollywood and the music industry’s level.

But I think that with various services such as YouTube, Apple’s music store, ustream, etc. the opportunities for content distribution to the masses is slowly but surely going to swallow up the larger media companies’ lunch. If you think about it, everyone is slowly becoming content creators. For instance, Twitter and Facebook provide mechanisms for simple content generation that appeal to everyone. Yes, I mean, when you write a post, share a link, etc., your followers receive that content and consume it. As a result, you actually are taking away from big media (although Facebook can be considered big new media).

The problem is that people aren’t thinking along the lines of content as just being any means of creating information. But that’s what it is. I argue that there is a fundamental paradigm shift going on right now that will basically move distribution completely into the hands of the average person, where high production value is going to not in the consumption of media, but the tools for generating high quality media.

Take commercials for instance. People have become their own advertisers through social media. The few power house marketing companies can produce the big name advertisement, but that really is just consumed at the radio and television level. From a social media viewpoint, we’re able to spread things virally via the Facebooks, Twitters, etc.

So what I think will happen is the slow demise of Big Media in terms of the creation of content and the fracturing of that into more mechanisms of creation. As a result, the important elements for advertisement and media creation will be more in the tools for the average person to use in building up their own form of content as individuals will move from being passive participants to engaging in more active roles.

The thing with Big Media is that they must start accepting this. Even if they refuse to give up their stance on piracy or (over)pricing, their real downfall will be the distribution mechanisms and the enabling of the average person to build content and allow for everyone to become more active participants in that.


Why I Hate Dating

Dating is the most illogical thing in the world. It’s even more illogical than a Google interview but it shares the same lines of thinking. The thing about dating is that it’s really a game of chance where you’re attempting to assess the other person and get a better feeling for what they’re about and vice-verse.

Sounds easy enough.


Despite humans being around for a reasonable amount of time, the amount of studies, movies, books, poetry and experience, dating is probably the most complicated thing in that it’s predicated upon illogical logics. What you’re doing in trying to find out if you match is really just probing the edges rather than being forward and stating outward your qualities on each side then saying at the end, “Hey, lets hang out!” This methodology has created expectations on what dating is all about because there’s these hidden rules that come into play.

Now, what compounds the issue is that every person is, indeed, unique. As a result, the expectations per person differs tremendously. If that’s the case, how can you simplify this process? You probably can’t. You’re forever trapped inside a hopeless loop engendered by society to this process.

The thing is that all a person really wants is just a chance. Doesn’t have to be sexual on the first day. Just get to know each other and spend more time with each other  so you can advance a relationship. But that again is part of the dating process that I hate. There is no “give a person a chance.” Typically, it’s a pretty binary decision dictated upon a few terrible factors, namely appearance, money and social standing.

So what happens if you’re an ugly fuck?

Well, you’re just screwed.

Unless you can improve the other two areas. But when does personality and the soul-aspect come into play? Honestly, it’s a rare occurrence, imo. I believe at the core dating (actually finding someone that interests you) is all about improving the gene pool for each side, which is why personality is the last priority involved. Personality/interests only come into play to make each other comfortable. However, if you’re rich, the bitch won’t mind taking it in any orifice because the material comforts far outweigh the 15 minutes she has to deal with you.




The Generation War

Right now, there’s a huge war going on, but it’s not a physical one being waged. It really isn’t class structure either, although part of it involves classes. The war being waged is a generation one where there’s a lot of older views that are conflicting with the way the world is evolving. This isn’t to say that it’s just old people vs young people. Instead, the situation is which side of the equation you belong to.

When I look at the Occupy Wallstreet movement and see the political battle being waged over SOPA, I feel as though at first what seems to be going on is class warfare. Essentially, the have’s vs have-not’s. But not every powerful person or group are necessarily on one side or the other. For instance, in the situation with SOPA, you have numerous major internet companies (such as Google) fighting against SOPA, which is heavily supported by Big Media. In the case of Occupy Wallstreet, you have some famous people lending support and their voices to the cause (I’ll name Rowdy Piper as one person as he mentioned it in his tweet).

And the chaos isn’t just in the states. Britain, Egypt, Libya, Greece and Italy all have shown internal turmoil. Sometimes it’s a matter of economics. But on many occasions you’ll also see that it’s the young people who seem to be the most vocal in many of these situations.

This has led me to ask why this all is. I think part of the issue is that the internet has been able to spawn a new era of consciousness in the world where countries, people and cultures no longer are isolated as heavily as before. The internet with services such as youtube, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, wireless networks, cellphones, peer-to-peer networks, etc. have created methods to share information freely that has disrupted governments, industries, cultures and ways of thinking at a pace like no other in history. We, as a species, are more connected and bound to each other in some way because of how information now can be delivered in mere milliseconds once something occurs.

The problem I see is that the people who have been able to adjust and embrace these technologies are the ones who are reaping the most benefit while the others have been horridly slow to accept this new way of thinking and handling things. This is why it’s not necessarily an age issue. I work with older people who manage to keep up and even have a wonderful vision of how technology can be utilized. At the same time, I know people who are younger than me in other countries who distance themselves away from technologies either out of fear, lack of knowledge or laziness to adopt it.

That said, no matter how much the people who refuse to accept this new era of thinking remonstrate, things have changed and cannot revert to whatever format they’re used to. Even if legally they gain small victories, the number of people who have embraced and wholeheartedly accepted into their lives the technology and ways of thinking aren’t going to disappear in a day.

The people in charge are losing and will eventually lose because I truly believe that this new era of thinking already has penetrated with their children. Those that control the older mode of thinking, imo, are fewer. Even if they are able to indoctrinate their children with similar thinking, those numbers will likewise be fewer. As a result, the real issue to me is just figuring out how to deal with these people who consistently blockage progress. All I can say to that is just look towards Libya, Greece, Italy and Egypt to see how their people have responded. Is America next on that list?


Should I Bother Anymore?

I always tried my best to keep in contact with my friends in Japan. I understand that people are busy and many might have difficulty responding to me as a result of the language barrier. However, there are those that I think I’ve tried too hard and that they either lost interest in me in some way or never had interest to start with.

I’m wondering if I should even bother dealing with those types of people anymore or if it’s just a waste of time. I think if I cut them off permanently, I wouldn’t have to worry anymore and can just move on and continue focusing on my life, lessening the burden and focusing on new things.

On the other hand, the ones that I’m speaking of are those that I wish I could have a relationship with. I don’t have a lot of options these days so it makes decisions like this for me really tough.


An Interesting Thought About Death

A friend from college once asked me some psychological questions that eventually led to the conclusion of what I perceived death would look like. After I learned the intent of her inquisition, I refined the answer about what death would look like.

My vision was more or less like what Gandalf described in Peter Jackson’s Return of the King. That is, a huge field with blue skies, some clouds and an open plain that the eye could never perceive the end. My refined answer was basically my home where all the people I cared about in my past attended a huge backyard BBQ during a summer afternoon.

At the moment, I’m actually torn because I feel betrayed somehow  and that the easiest thing to do would be to remove everyone from that list. Maybe the after life for me  would simply be my house with just myself, my stuffed animals and possessions.

genereal work

Conspiracy Theory Related to Food, Exercise and Productivity

I’ve been working out again recently, but I haven’t done a great job of losing weight. Part of it is my eating habits, which admittedly are pretty poor. But I’ve developed poor eating habits as a result of never having good guidance as a child and then later turning to fast food during my adolescence. And despite being quite aware of these conditions, it’s really close to impossible changing one’s habits, especially when one’s motivation diminishes on a daily basis.

Anyway, a thought occurred to me the other day how this relates to exercise. Next to my gym, there’s a Hometown Buffet. I remember spotting near the exit a flyer for LA Fitness. Now, think about this. A buffet next to a gym. Isn’t that ironic or even oxymoronic? And the fact that the gym places advertisements in the buffet is even more suspicious.

Of course, you can deduce that the gym is attempting to “help” the people at the buffet by providing a rather overt hint. Usually though, the people at the buffet are not the types that would go to the gym in the first place (until it’s absolutely the last straw). Still, if you think about it, the way human’s rationalize things like this most likely looks like, “Well, if I go to the gym, I can go back to the buffet guilt free.” Or something like that.

Of course, that’s not the reality in all of this.

But if you further expand this notion, you start to think of how all this is pretty fucked up. First, the thing is that people (at least in America) are for the most part hooked up into the whole fast food/poor eating situation because we’re trained from birth to eat this kind of food. Despite warnings from doctors, etc. we still consume food like this and as a result gain weight.

Those of us that manage to partly break this cycle attempt to remedy this situation through hitting the gym. And as we age, we have to put more effort since most of our metabolisms slow. By the time we finish our routine, we’re completely spent.

This whole cycle to me is just part of the whole productivity cycle that we’re locked into. We’re constantly occupied and too tired or lack the time to break out of it. And if you’re into conspiracy theories, this is exactly what George Carlin’s Owners want. To keep you in a pacified mode so that they continue to maintain a gigantic machine where only a select few control the important decisions in this world, while the rest of us slave away trying to just maintain ourselves.

Of course, the government would be involved in this. I mean, the FDA allows the fast food industry to keep shoveling down poor choices by the large corporations that constantly spend huge dollars lobbying and bribing the government. And it, for the most part, works in the government’s favor as the vast majority of us are rendered impotent, alienated and dispersed from halting this cycle.

Truthfully, on a totalistic scale, I don’t care…at least with regards to the vast majority of people out there. I’ve learned that people already have made and accepted their destiny in taking mini-bribes through their shallow,  demeaning materialistic existence that transiently satisfies their lusts.

For myself, I do care because I’m not part of the so-called Owners and want a piece of that action. But that’s a different topic.


Clean Slate

Lately, I’ve been mentally just non-existent. I’ve been having severe feelings or rather the lack thereof. My life has been a void when I’m not at work. At work, I have somewhat of a purpose. At home, I feel like an empty shell with no direction.

Part of me wants a clean slate. The new job has been great. It’s what I definitely needed as part of my life. Outside of work though, I need something new. Ever since I found out that Reina Miyauchi got hitched, Norika Fujiwara got a new boyfriend and various other people had their own love interest, I felt as though huge segments of my life just vanished.

In some cases, it was good. For instance, I ditched Crazy. I think I hurt myself really badly by letting myself get manipulated by her and retain any semblance of hope being tied to dating her. I missed numerous opportunities and threw some down the drain. But a few weeks ago she tried bugging me and I finally told her what she needed to hear and what I needed to say.

Part of me feels as though I need to do more of this. Some friends probably think I’m avoiding them on purpose. I have to admit, it’s probably true. My reasoning is that I just need to start from scratch at times and create an entirely new environment.

I kinda wonder at times, if I should just completely forget Japan altogether. It had become such a consuming point of my existence that it might’ve hurt me. Just move on and create a new dream that doesn’t include Japan. I like Japan still, but at times I feel as though it neglects me in an either abstract or spiritual sense. If I continue to harbor my emotional ties to it, I might just continue damaging my life.

Unfortunately, if I reboot myself this time, I’ll have absolutely no direction. Most likely I would just do things like terminate Facebook or start a blank account that no one can find. But I want to do something even more drastic. I need to in order for me to gain full expression.

Another part of me is thinking of just saving up a ton of money so that in a few years, I can move to a desolated mountain. Essentially, I would make an attempt to cut myself from most of the world. My existence would appear forlorn and lonely, but the only person that could remind me of that is myself. I think I would just want my connection to Amazon, internet access, ebay, food and some postal service. That would be enough.



My Remaining Reasons to Get Married

I’m truly ambivalent of being in a relationship and single at different times. Being single is great on the one hand for me because I don’t have any obligations to anyone except myself. I’m so used to being alone that I’ve kinda given up on the thought of getting into a relationship again. I mean, if I suddenly lost my job then it wouldn’t matter as I have no one but myself to feed. And in that sense, I don’t have to worry much because I’m not a huge eater (I was living off one meal a day at one point).

However, at the moment I’ve been in crunch mode. Not my first nor certainly my last. If my work would ask me to do weekends, there’s not a lot of excuses that I can make. Married people though can get out of things with the kid or wife is sick excuse. This situation along with other reasons got me thinking about this post where I wanted to discuss my remaining motivations to get married.

With regards to work, there’s a huge pragmatic aspect to getting married. Naturally, having a family does allow some tax breaks. Of course, I would be sharing that income, but that’s besides the point. At least, on paper, my take home pay does improve somewhat. And as mentioned above, the wife (if I ever get one) can always pull me away from my job and I can grovel to my superior.

Yet there’s another aspect for me that’s important, which is dinner. I tend to eat poorly when I go home. I think if I had a wife, I imagine that she would be responsible for cooking. If not, at least I won’t be the sole person handling the decision making process for food. And anyone who knows me well would realize that I have an impossible time perpetually making a decision on what to eat.

Another thing is that I may or may not have to worry as much about physical fitness. I figure one of two things can happen: 1) the wife will force me to eat better and we hit the gym; 2) the wife will not care and I can forget for the rest of my life to worry about such things. More than likely, the situation will end up being something in the middle. But I think at least the stress in the back of my mind of not going to the gym as often as I need or losing motivation ought to subside somewhat.

Having an activity partner. I got ditched on a Vegas trip recently and ended up squandering one night’s room. I seriously doubt that if I were married this problem would ever occur again. Similarly, I wouldn’t ever have to worry about traveling by myself and can actually go more interesting places. Right now, I rarely leave my home outside of occasionally seeing a friend or two or going to work.

Having someone to talk to at night. I cannot converse with my mom any longer. I get better reactions talking to my sink. And even though I have friends, I can’t confide every little thing with them. Hopefully, if I get married, the wife will be a person who has no problem understanding (and wanting to understand) me. Maybe some of my so-called sanity problems that people perceive about me might dissolve over time.

Having someone to help me out once in a while. At home, I feel like I get almost no help. Although I live with my mom, she does little to nothing in terms of maintaining the house. It’s frustrating because previously we had a large fight about the whole home ownership issue. Yet she felt the house was hers so I decided to let her deal with most of the problems. That said, it’s rough living in such filth. I lose so much motivation when I’m here and just prefer staying in my room whenever I have my private time. I rarely clean up except when things become extreme. I’m not saying I want a completely enslaved wife, but at least someone who can lend a hand once in a while.

For me it’s not just about having sex or a kid for looking like a normal person’s sake. I think the second to last point is one of the most important to me. Finding that type though has been impossible and I feel as though there’s not a lot of hope left for me.


How the World May End

There was a really cool video shown from NASA about the sun having a monstrous solar flare today. While supposedly we were lucky in being out of harms way, one has to wonder if our luck will run out some day. Of course, considering recent talk about the so-called end of the world predictions, seeing something like this somewhat reifies an otherwise ludicrous pronouncement, making the situation reminiscent about an old Saturday Night Live gag where a prophetic quiz taker repeatedly answered “meteor” (for which, his opponent got crushed, thus allowing him victory by default).

Obviously, one day the earth that we know will be consumed by the conflagration of our illustrious neighbor. There’s not a lot people can do about that, but supposedly that true dooms day is way off in the future (unless some alien is secretly planting a reactive device in the sun that can cause it to erupt). When most people ponder such an event, they probably wallow in sorrow (except for the hardcore religious people who feel that something divine will eventually save them in some unidentified, abstract fashion). For myself, I couldn’t care less.

The whole idea of the world ending draws little to no sympathy from me. One, no one knows for certain how it will end. Second, no one for certain knows when it will end. For me, it doesn’t matter. The only thing I can hope for is a swift end to consciousness such that my pain receptors instantly dull upon that moment of non-existence.

But I do feel that most people would mourn the fact of loss. Loss of what? Memory? Culture? Civilization? Materials? Relationships? Sure, I would feel bad for a few things that would go missing. My giraffe and innocent stuffed animals. My chart of 50-100 women that are listed on my secret file that I would ask the aliens for my upcoming UFO to allow to accompany me. My home and my mom. Maybe some friends.

However, to mourn over the entire civilization as it exist today is utterly arrogant. Call me harsh but I honestly feel most people are here by accident and lack of planning. It’s why people are constantly resource constrained. That guy sitting over there takes up a percentage of your food, water, income, etc. and acts as a general impediment. I can become more specific than that.

Going through the drive through at Jack-n-the-Box (I never learn…), I encountered two utterly incompetent workers. They completely gave me the wrong change on two occasions, relying on the cash register to properly guide them. Then the guy didn’t even bother to ask whether I wanted any condiments, which is pretty standard. More than likely he was either new to the job or stressed out as a result of the guy in front of me (it looked like he got his order screwed up as well), but that didn’t give me much confidence in humanity. The woman, who I assume was the manager, didn’t fare much better. It’s not like this hasn’t happened before. In these situations, my saying is “Well, there’s a reason you work there.”

Regardless, I’m utterly certain down the line this type of job will some day be completely automated, removing the necessity for human intervention at least at the fast food chain level. That said, somehow the way society works is that it’s currently designed to put these people, who lack skills or competence and probably ended up as an accident in this world, to use somehow because we need taxes, certain elements of labor, etc. That said, I feel that it’s completely unnecessary (probably as upper management probably thinks software people like me are absolutely unnecessary…more on that in a minute).

Similarly, I found this link online about a woman who complained about her treatment at a theater. I won’t summarize it but my general feeling is that after reading the article and listening to the recording, I concluded that I absolutely hate people. Things like this make me really hate people. I didn’t feel that the woman nor the theater were any better than the other.

Going back to my situation about how upper management (not necessarily my company but George Carlin’s so-called “Owners”) probably sees me as a slow, useless, incompetent software guy, well those people are equally sad. My justification for why I’d like to not be classified with the Jack-n-the-Box duo is that I actually try to contribute something useful to society in some way, whether its through how I attempt to help friends out, software development, writings, money donations, etc. I’d like to think of myself as someone that is not an obstacle on the critical path, but someone that can hopefully enhance this world by a tiny bit in a positive direction (minus my rants). I truly hope those “Owners” do not lump me in with the rest of these people.

I could probably point out hundreds of instances easily of similar situations. But rather than providing myself a case for committing suicide through utter depression, I will say that the notion of feeling sorrow for the end of civilization as we know it doesn’t cross my mind for one second. In fact, I kinda embrace it. Start from a clean slate if there’s enough smart cookies that manage to figure out how to get off this rock in time to avoid total destruction. Then those that were smart enough can hopefully utilize history to avoid repeating all these mistakes (although the idea of rebuilding would be pretty damn hard considering that more than likely all the resources beforehand are probably gone, unless you do something like that 2012 movie where you build large arks to preserve wild life, etc.)

Again, if the world ends like that, I’m only hoping that the aliens that people supposedly have seen have identified me as a positive member of society and are willing to let me board their craft and choose around 100 people (or so). I think the number really is around 500, but the 100 people are my, uh, special list, if you know what I mean 😉


Rapture on 5/21/2011 for Me: Reina Miyauchi from MAX Gets Married :(

For the average person on this earth, Rapture (aka 5/21/2011) was a rather uneventful day. People went on their business or were awaiting for a cataclysmic event to occur. There certainly was an eruption from a volcano in Iceland, but it only affected a small section of the world.

However, for one small person (i.e. me), the event did occur. I truly believe the event only occurred for my eyes to see and understand. That event was that Reina Miyauchi from MAX had gotten married. I read it at around midnight. I don’t believe that this was a coincidence and it definitely affects me deeply.

If you don’t know about my “relationship” with Reina, it’s that I’ve been obsessed with her for 15 years now. She was the one I’ve written stories about, included her as the main character in almost all my writings after college and probably spent way too much time and money making myself into a fool in defending her and obsessing over her as well as missing numerous opportunities to get into relationships because she was the ultimate person I would’ve taken with me to the grave if given a choice.

Reina, you hurt me deeply. You’ve betrayed me because you’re blind. Judgment has indeed been passed. If you’re smart, abort the child, tell that husband to fuck off if he knows what’s good for him and repent. I’m currently listening to evil, satanic music in the hopes that another earthquake occurs in Japan. If it does, then you should at least be aware that it’s your fault for being a stupid whore.

Here’s to you betrayer: