Diablo 4: World Tier 4/Torment Achieved

I’ve got to be honest here and say that this really isn’t a true “achievement” for me as I had my friends carry me through the capstone dungeon to get into World Tier 4. What I ended up doing was originally have my friends carry my Druid into World Tier 3 but right after push me through the World Tier 4 capstone dungeon. Am I proud? No. Do I care? Fuck no. The fact you have a stupid fight that you’ve already done as a cockblocker to the next difficulty and preventing one from playing with their friends means I had zero desire to waste anymore time. So I said fuck it, why deal with this BS?

Once that was complete, we did a few rounds of Tree of Whisper bounties then plunged right into Helltides. The Helltides are brutal especially with a character that got carried through the capstone dungeon. I died at least once which was frustrating since I lost a good chunk of the currency. But I ended up getting through 3 Mysterious boxes and some Ancestral legendaries to start me off. Now, that I have a little bit of gear here, I can begin doing some activities like Tree of Whispers or perhaps the World Boss events.

But the real story here is that I can begin participating in more Torment/WT4 activities with my friends, which should boost my progress significantly. I feel the most important thing is to close the gap in getting to level 70, which should make these events less painful. More importantly, farm the hell for ancestral gear just to get a boost in power level. The main struggle I’m having though is trying to replace my weapons. I have some stuff but it’s not great and I need the particular power that allows you to take advantage of Imbuement for rogues. I did manage to replace a few pieces like my 2H Crossbow, chest piece, helmet and even have some jewelry ready. The one item I can’t replace as of yet is my Condemnation Dagger. I might keep that around for a bit.

The other part of the story was getting my Druid into WT3. Now, that was more my pace just because I had been farming Sacred gear for a while. So the transition was a lot smoother. Also, I finally managed to get a weapon with the Shockwave Aspect so I’m almost there with having a nice Pulverize Wearbear Druid. The next item I’m targeting is the unique helmet so I can swap to Earth Spike. I think it’ll synergize better since it’ll help make this into a completely ranged build. Then getting the chest piece that gives you permanent Wearbear form is the final piece I’m going to seek out. Hopefully, from what I hear, the helmet won’t be hard to discover. I think it’ll require consistent farming and doing tons of Helltides. At least for now, the basic gear is there.

One last thing to mention is that I started a Barbarian. Nothing serious just something to fuck around when I’m totally bored. My friend plays a Hammer of the Ancients barbarian, which seems similar to the Pulverize Druid. But I like the concept of multiple weapons usage, even though they’re primarily stat sticks. It just sounds fun. Not to mention I’ve been doing a ton of Dungeons while gearing my druid up so I might have some of the Barbarian aspects ready lined up.

With the 4th of July 4 day weekend coming up, I’m definitely going to take a nice break and just go hard for a few days. I know seasons is supposedly coming up too so I might have to think my strategy as I don’t want to burn out too quick.

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