Diablo 4: Current Progress

With the 3 day weekend (and what a short weekend this has been), I pretty much was hitting Diablo 4 really hard. Last week, there were a few days that I missed just because of work. However, I decided to vegetate and just enjoy my weekend for once. So with that, I tried to push as much as I could and just see how far I could go and experience a few side project characters. I will say at this stage, I’m actually having fun in this game.

The big thing was getting the unique Condemnation for my Rogue. Actually, I ended up finding two of these which made me really happy. Along with that I found the BiS aspect boots. So with regards to Sacred items, I’m in really good shape. With that, I’ve started doing the Nightmare Dungeon grind. Since I hit level 61, I unlocked the ability to salvage my Sigils and craft new ones. Since I’ve been playing a druid and sorceress on the side, I haven’t been too focus on my Rogue but I am looking forward to hitting higher difficulty dungeons since I’m beginning to push my Glyphs. Not to mention I’m paragon grinding.

With my Rogue geared up in a reasonable fashion, I’m really feeling my Twisting Blades build. The combat on this build just feels amazing. You’re hitting things super fast and zipping around the screen, making minor explosions. So I think they really nailed down the Rogue part. She is somewhat squishy but not utterly worthless nor defenseless. Usually, the spots where I get in trouble are during Helltide events in situations that I get overwhelmed by large number of foes. But I did have a 2nd shot at another World Boss the other day and this time around, I managed to survive the fight. While knowing the fight did help, I think it was just the overall power ups from leveling, the Glyphs and my gear. I think this week, I might try to push my Rogue some more in trying to get to World Tier 4 but I am skeptical about the Capstone Dungeon where you fight a souped up Elias. If anything, I’m going to continue progressing my Paragon levels and Glyphs so that the fight won’t be as strenuous.

The other two projects I’ve mentioned are my druid and sorceress. I did quite a bit of progress on my sorceress earlier today, getting her to mid 30s. For my sorceress I removed the campaign setting attribute and have been leveling her mostly through world quests, dungeons and the Tree of Whispers. I know there are strategies for power leveling but I find those to be supremely unfun. Instead, my strategy has been to find better rare gear and take my Codex of Power to imprint the aspects. There are a few key aspects like the one for Charged Bolts that make a monstrous different in DPS. Also, because I’ve unlocked all the skills points and health potions from the Renown portion of the game, I have a nice little advantage.

But the thing with the sorceress is that the screen exploding is incredibly satisfying. I know there are two other builds that are also viable but for leveling the Arc Lash + Charged Bolts combo is quite sweet. For instance, when you get the Enchantment mastery, you can slot in a Fireball and Firebolt which are the things that help clear a screen. If you can manage to freeze your opponents and do a mass pull, then the damage is outrageous. The only thing I dislike about this character in particular is that without the story driving your direction, the game feels far less focused.

On the other hand, I decided to go with the campaign mode turned on for my Druid. One difference I found is that I’ve been more focused on doing all the side stuff rather than the main storyline. The result is that my Druid is around level 37 and has just begun act 3. I still intend to continue performing world quests but I’m leaning towards removing the campaign option (which I think you can) down the road just to improve the speed of leveling. But when I’m not doing the quests, I feel that I’m more thorough in revealing areas.

Now, it looks like no matter which version of the game you play (campaign or non-campaign) for leveling, you still need to do the Capstone Dungeon to progress into World Tier 3. That part kinda sucks because I just want to go straight into World Tier 3. However, with my experience in WT3 along with some gearing strategies I’ve found, I think it won’t be that hard to gear up my alts once they get there. I think the biggest thing will be to garner enough gold for an eventual spec change. I know for my druid I’m going after Pulverize while my sorceress I’m looking at the ice one. But I need to do more research on how the ice one works. The Pulverize spec is dependent upon a drop that I have yet to discover.



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