Clash of Clans: End of the Season Last Minute

Just because of work and life, I decided to take a long pause on Clash of Clans. This month, I made some effort in the middle to restart the game but stuck purely with the F2P version, mostly because I figured that I started late and would not be able to fully take advantage of the seasonal bank bonus. With only a few hours left, I managed to push my accounts just to pick up the invaluable Book of Heroes. But it was certainly a grind without all the bonuses to get there.

The best part about taking a lengthy break is that Clash of Clans will automatically keep your town progressing. I don’t know what the exact formula is but when it came to my main TH13, I found the vast majority of buildings upgraded. Also, on many of my TH11s, I found those bases to be fairly well advanced which was great since I had just started them when I quit.

With that in mind, I found this past week a bit of a disappointment because I had only hit Tier 2 for Clan Games. My time due to my job just was too limited and often at night, I was too tired to do much beyond eat and sleep. But I had made decent progress overall in the season and used the Weekend Raid to do a last minute push for that easy 150 points. Once the season ends, I might start up again in picking up the Season Gold Pass as I want to try and push my main TH13 to TH14. Also, I want to rank up at least one more time to gain the benefit of having more treasury storage and being able to donate 2 spells at a time.

For my main TH13, it’s down to traps and walls along with my Royal Champion and Barbarian King. I think if I bought the Season Gold Pass, I could easily get my Royal Champion to level 24 but I’m going to hold off just because I’m trying to minimize my spending. But I’m fairly close now to moving up and I really want to get the Pet House among other things.

Similarly, I’m starting to plan out when would be a good time to upgrade my TH11s to TH12. In my highest TH11, my Archer Queen is near level 50 and I think it’s critical to get her to that point before upgrading. But the idea there is to try and get the Barbarian King roughly to level 40-45 then any straggler army units upgraded like Minions or Goblins. Once I hit TH12, I pretty much will swap to Super Dragons. Super Dragons are costly because of Dark Elixir but they’re one of the best early combos at TH12 since you just need to upgrade your Dragons and Lab. I think once I get my top three TH11s to TH12, I’ll slowly roll out the Workshop so that I can get the Stoneslammer. From there, that’s going to make donations so much smoother since right now it’s just two accounts.

The thing is that I want to give more time to going after the 6th Builder. Pretty much by the time you hit TH12, you will need the 6th Builder. I predict that I’ll probably end up using Raid Weekend trophies for Builder Elixir for that effort. It’s not going to be fun though since I’m going to be forced to rush my Builder Bases a bit. There is rumored to being an update with a revised Builder Hall and Versus Battle thing but I have so little information on the subject that I just hope it will be fun rather than a tedious part of the game.

I will say that I regret not buying the season gold pass earlier. There was double Book of Heroes and along with the Rune of Dark Elixir, I could’ve definitely have used that across my accounts. But it’s a bit late for that so I’m not going to worry about it.

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