Clash of Clans: Last Day of Clan Games

With a day left for Clan Games winter edition 2022, I ended it with a little over 32k points total, marking Tier V rewards + bonus as well as finishing up Raid Weekend the other day. I think if I didn’t have this break, I’d probably be completely burnt out just because of how many battles I’ve been through this season. That said, I’m pretty happy with my overall performance and even managed to accomplish a few goals in the process.

Regarding Raid Weekend, I got through about 4 Clan Capitals and hit over 600, almost 700 Raid Medals. That was a juicy weekend and even score a small amount of Clan XP by moving into the Bronze II league. I’m still a ways away before being able to start upgrading my Clan Capital Hall again with around 28 upgrades to go. But I’m slowly making my way around the Wizard Valley District in performing the bulk of my upgrades.

Another thing I started was upgrading my other two TH10s to TH11. I figured with less than a week to go, I better make headway into TH11 before I lose out on my Book of Building. While neither ended up as good as my main TH10 in that group, I think they’ll be perfectly fine. If anything, I’ll be able to park these accounts at TH11 for a few months and just cruise on Electro Dragons for a while.

With my main TH10 that recently was upgraded to TH11, I finally managed to start employing the Queen Walk/Hybrid attack. I’m still getting used to the attack but initially, I practiced against TH9s just to get the basic feel then moved onto dead TH10 bases. Quite a few challenges came up with Hog Riders, Miners, Healing spells, Healers, etc. that gave me extra motivation to give this combination a try finally. Along with that upon hitting TH11, I also get that nice boost on my Hero levels which makes doing this attack even better. While I can’t claim to be a master of this attack, I do see how it’s done now and now can use this as part of my arsenal. Most likely, I’ll continue sticking with Electro Dragons for a while until my Army Camps, Dark Barracks and a few key upgrades are complete, but it will be available when I need it.

Since I feel a little more comfortable with this attack, I’ll probably give it a try on other accounts, especially my TH11s once I bring up their army compositions to a competitive level. There’s just so much to upgrade at the moment that it’s going to take some time to get there. But I think the next opportunity for Clan Games I should be able to use this attack on more accounts.

Overall, I am a little sad that I couldn’t hit the Tier VI rewards but it would have required at least two more accounts along with me continuing to max out my points for another day. Quite honestly, 8 accounts is probably more than enough for me and having two more accounts would just burn me out faster. Depending on the skin for January 2023’s season, I may take a break from Clash of Clans. While I am having fun, there’s just too many activities and I can’t keep this up. It just was fortunate that this season, I was able to have a little break to get through Clan Games. But this coming month I just feel I’ll be too busy and will want to focus on other things instead.

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